De Traces – Estrella Del Caribe

16 Mar

In Greece you can always find alternative rock bands or heavy metal bands.
You can find Greek punk rock bands or prog rock bands.
Pop bands, EBM bands, gothic bands.

I think that the Athenians De Traces were the first Greek ska/ reggae band.
They were formed in 1987 by singer / guitar player Alexandros Metaxas, keyboard player Costas Thomaidis and Sakis Belegris.
Actualy, Metaxas was well known to the people who were hanging around to venues such as Sofita at the Plaka district during the early 80’s,
as he was working there.

The following video finds the band to the entrance of An Club (in the heart of Exarhia district) “trying” to convince the bouncer (looks like he must be Louis, singer/guitar player of Stress…) to let them in, once they are playing that night…

This is An club in 1990 with De Traces doing a cover on the James Bond Theme

In 1988 the band was featured in the album Studio II Collection with bands such as the Blue Jeans, Echo Tattoo and others.
They participated with the track “The Saints“.

After a few line up changes, De Traces supported the Wailers at Rodon Club in the early 90’s and appeared as guests on several
Greek tv shows.

In 1993 one more track of theirs, the “Bill of Rights” is featured in the compilation “Divin” and three years later
they received an invitation by the ministry of cultures of Sudan for a number of concerts.

In 1999, twelve years after their first gig, De Traces released their debut album  “Estrella Del Caribe” through
the record label Coffee Republic.

The cd album features 12 songs full of African rhythms and sounds from the Carribean.

1  dance to live
2  do the honky tonk
3  2 friends talkin
4  dont talk too much
5  no choice
6  magic feeling
7  bill of rights
8  ragga train
9  exploring
10 mother earth
11 dont forget
12 tracing music

de-tracesDuring the last years, De Traces apart from their own gigs, they supported Lee Perry, Misty Roots and the Skatalites.
Today De Traces is an eleven piece band with Metaxas and Thomaidis still remaining from the first line up.

Click here for more.

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