There is Always Something new out there vol. 2

17 Mar

While I was surfing in the internet I found this video with 7 Greek bands that are/were active since the mid 90’s.
Its nice to see that most of them have a long discography.
Some of them released their music through big mainstream labels, some of them were released by Chrysalis and one of them
was very successfull thanks to a deal with the national telephone company that used one of their songs  for a tv advertisement
exposing them to an audience that would never listen to them in any other way.

1: Closer – S1ngles
2: Film – Radio 84.0
3: Raining Pleasure – Fake
4: Mary & The Boy – Bobby Peru
5: My Wet Calvin – Land Of The Fat
6: Abbie Gale – The End Song
7: Matisse – The Gospel

The video begins with the Athenian band Closer.
Closer was formed in Athens during 1989 by Andreas Pappas (vox) Giannis Ververis (guitars) Vaggelis Pappas (bass) and Nikos
They had three tracks featured in two compilation albums before releasing 3 albums and 3 singles.
Lonely Moon” for a compilation album released by Rock FM music station and the tracks “Blue Pussy” and “Coming Around
for the fanzine “Semetic“.
By the late 90’s, they appeared on Rockwave festival where they were lucky enough to have their manager attending with a special guest.
The manager’s guest was working for English record label Chrysalis and was amazed by the band’s sound.
So, after releasing their first album and single for the alternative Greek label Studio II, Closer found themselves signed
to Chrysalis (EMI-Greece).
The band took a break for six years after releasing their second album and returned with a different line up and
a third full length album titled “Closer”.
“Closer” had a track titled “S1ngles” that was the music for the credits of a tv series and helped the band gain more exposure.

Their discography so far:

1998 In the market (Studio II)
2000 Suddenly comes… (Chrysalis)
2006 Closer (EMI) 

1995 Fly in the milk (Studio II)
1999 Universe (Chrysalis)
2000 Mystery falls down (Chrysalis)

check them out by clicking here.

Film is an alternative pop-rock band from Athens that was fronted by Eleni Tzavara.

In 2007, the band announced that she would no longer be a member of Film.  She was replaced today by Ifigenia Atkinson.
The rest of the members of the band are drummer Costas Borsis, bassist Dimitris Borsis and guitarist Manolis Zavitsanos.
They were formed in 2001 and released their debut album “>/:no luggage” on June 2003.
Film gave a number of gigs in several Greek cities and in 2006 they were signed to EMI-Greece.
Following the dark pop sound of their debut album, their second one, “Angel B”, was a bit more melancholic and atmospheric, a bit
more pop with a touch of post punk.
After completing a tour in Greece, they supported the bands New Order, Hooverphonics, and Radio 4 during their Athens gigs, and in July 2006 they played with Puressence at the Carling Academy in London.Click here  for more.

Their discography so far:

2003 >/:No Luggage (Hitch-Hyke) 
2006 Angel B (EMI)

2008 The approaching of the hour (Sonic Playground)

Raining Pleasure are originating from Patras and were formed in 1990 by the name “Rest in Peace” to change it in 1992.
They were singed to Lazy Dog Records after participating to a Pop & Rock CD compilation and released their first two albums
through this Greek indie label.
In 2001 they followed Closer to Chrysalis and thus, they were singed to EMI.
The band became the most successfull greek alternative band of the 00’s after having a track of theirs on the national
phone company advertisement.
Their track was even there, while you were put on hold when calling the phone company.
The exposure to a wide audience was of great success.
In 2004, the band released the album “Reflections” (originally by Manos Hadjidakis).
I guess that was fair enough for the band after having more than ten years on stage.
In 2007, they formed their own independent record label Celesta Records under which they released their newest album” Who’s
Gonna Tell Juliet?”
Physical and digital distribution for the label is handled by EMI-Greece.

Their discography so far:
1996 Memory comes back (Lazy Dog Records)
1998 Nostalgia (Lazy Dog Records) 
2001 Flood : (coming of a) great quantity of water (Chrysalis) 
2003 Forwards + Backwards (EMI) 
2005 Reflections (EMI) 
2007 Who’s gonna tell Juliet? (Celesta) 

2001 Capricorn (Chrysalis)

2008 The approaching of the hour (Sonic Playground) 

click here for their myspace profile. 

I think that Mary and the Boy are propably the most interesting act of this new generation of Greek bands.
They were formed in 2004 playing a minimal style of piano punk.
Most of their shows take place in house parties and I could mention Diamanda Galas as one of their strongest

Mary and the Boy discography:
2007 Mary and the boy (Low Impedance) 
2009 Time machine (Inner Ear) 

click here for their myspace profile.

2008 The approaching of the hour (Sonic Playground) 
 My Wet Calvin
Land Of The Fat” initialy was featured in the demo “My Greatest Hits” among 5 more tracks of theirs.
They were formed in 2004  by two ex members of the bands Relevant Box and Inert.

their myspace profile is here.

Here is one more band from Patras, Abbie Gale.
They were formed in 2003 and their line up today is as follows: Evira – vocals, Salvatore– Guitar, Pedal – Guitar and keyboards
Achilles – drums and loops, Bon Bon – bass.
They released two albums and a single so far.

Here is their very nice first video, featuring the singer of Raining Pleasure, Vassilikos.

Abbie Gale’s discography as follows:


1. Family Life
2. 2

1. Fall

check their website for more.

Matisse were formed in Athens in 1997 by Aris Siafas, Giannis Massouras, Grigoris Κolias, Petros Tsolis, Costas Synodinos
and Basilis Zervos.
Actually the band has the most mainstream sound out of these seven.
They supported the bands Reamonn, Puressence, Shed Seven, The Frank and Walters, Drugstore and they were signed to Sony BMG
Greece in 2001.
They had a radio hit with their track “She Smiles” and went on a number of line up changes until 2007.
Their current line up: Alex Kavadias – vocals, Grigoris Kollias – Lead Guitar, Vasilis Zervos – Rhythm Guitar,
Giannis Massouras – backing vocals, Bass, Nikos Manousopoulos – drums.
As the band released a cover of Cindy Lauper’s track “She Bop“… here it is:

For more informations on Matisse, click here.

After seeing names such as Sony, EMI etc, I can’t say that all these bands are “underground”.
For example, Matisse are signed to Sony and colaborated with the Greek top model Vicky Kagia playing for a food chain stores
award which doesn’t make them…”underground”.
On the other hand, this on and off situation with mainstream biggies such as EMI and then a drop back to indie Greek record labels
gives a clear picture about the major labels: they can’t handle rock bands…

In any case, that video gives an idea to anyone of the high standards of the Greek rock bands nowdays.

Currently tha band is signed to the Greek indie label from Patras, Inner Ear and their forthcoming album will be released in May 2009.

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