Inactive Messiah – Your “Sinful Nation”

19 Mar

For several years now, I have complained about the “invisible walls” surrounding Greece and the multitude of talent hidden behind them. Had it not been for MySpace, I would never have had the opportunity to taste the various flavors the music industry has kept shrouded in darkness while only thrusting bouzoukis and pop acts into my field of vision.

But thanks to MySpace I have discovered a whole new world to stimulate every corner and nook of my soul. And now I, along with others, relish every genre Hellas has to offer that couldn’t reach across that great ocean of separation.

One such band that I have followed for a few years now is Inactive Messiah, a heavier version of what I would normally listen to, but definitely a band who has grasped hold of my senses and swirled me into a new dimension. They are classified as Black Metal/Death Metal, but don’t let that intimidate you if you usually shy away from the raspiness of the stereotyped classification. 

Inactive Messiah

Inactive Messiah

Originally formed back in 2001 under the name “Womb Of Maggots”, they released one album titled “Life Odium”. They then renamed themselves Inactive Messiah and in December, 2004, released their self-titled album with Black Lotus Records.

Inactive Messiah - ALBUM - bE mY dRug (2006) (Cover Design by Seth Siro Anton)A few lineup changes and the passage of time brought them back into the studio to begin the composition of their third album, “bE mY dRug” (the second release under the Inactive Messiah name). Recording through Devilworx Studio in Athens, Greece, and Finnvox Studio in Helsinki, Finland, their new material brought about a more melodic, aggressive, and dark side to the band.

More punch was added to this CD creation with the participation by the Hellenic National ERT Choir and the Symphonic Orchestra of Slovakia, which was comprised of 80 musicians. The choir and orchestral selections were arranged by Chris A. (Chaostar/Septic Flesh/The Devilworx). An equally impressive selection of guest musicians also participated in the CD: JP Leppäluoto (Charon/ex-Poisonblack) sang in the song “Be My Drug”, Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) recorded the guitar solo for the song “Beat It” (cover – Michael Jackson) and Arto Tuunela (Major Label) performed Finnish vocals on the song “Before The End”. 

Inactive Messiah - Live

In the summer of 2006, Inactive Messiah signed a deal with Holy Records of France and released “bE mY dRug” in December, 2006. A whirlwind of international reviews ensued with articles written in Album Of The Trimester (6/6), Metallian Magazine (FR), Scream Magazine (NO), Legacy Magazine (DE), Album No. 3 of the month in Rock Hard Magazine (GR), and Metal Hammer Magazine (GR).

Tracklist – “bE mY dRug”:

01. Inactive Messiah (Intro.)
02. Sing
03. All Your Dreams
04. Be My Drug
05. Synthetic Snow
06. Beat It
07. Pain
08. Hear Me Tonight
09. Before The End
10. Lord Of Lies

Preview and/or purchase HERE

Inactive Messiah - Live

Inactive Messiah hit the road and performed in various tours, festivals, and gigs, including 32 shows in the the “Blitzkrieg 4” and “The Domination Tour 2007” throughout central and western Europe, as well as a 13-show “Balkans Assassination Tour 2007”.

Inactive Messiah - ALBUM - Sinful Nation (2008) (Cover by Natalie Shau)In January and February, 2008, they were back in the recording studio, this time with Devasoundz Studios, to begin work on their next CD. An even more aggressive, dark, and atmospheric release, “Sinful Nation” was again signed with Holy Records, and was released in April, 2008. Once more, they hit the road with Vader, Septic Flesh, and Devian on the 42-show “XXV Anniversary Tour” performing in almost all the European countries.

Tracklist – “Sinful Nation”:

01. Satyricus
02. Soulless
03. Chosen One
04. Failure
05. Theatrical World
06. Sinful Nation
07. Showdown
08. Eat My Flesh And Drink My Blood
09. Forged In Flames
10. From Birth To Death
11. Like An Endless Lament

Preview and/or purchase HERE.

After the tour, Sotiris (guitars) and Michalis (drums) left the band and Inactive Messiah continues to tour with Xristos (vocals), Thanos (guitars, soft vocals), and Lefteris (bass).

You can catch them live as they sweep through Greece and Turkey on the “Sinful Jesus 2009 Tour” beginning this Friday (20 March, 2009), along with Web, Sad Dolls, and sorrowfulangels at Texas Necropolis in Athens, Greece. Doors open at 19:30, gig starts at 20:00.

Sinful Jesus Tour - March 2009

Although I won’t be able to be there, (that ocean of separation imprisoning me again), I do hope you make it a point to drop by and check out a most amazing band who has won over my heart, not only by bedazzling me with talent, but also because they are amazing men in general, and I thank them for letting me fall under their wings from time to time.

For more upcoming tour dates and international locations, including France and The Netherlands, click HERE.

Official MySpace Profile – click HERE.

Official YouTube Profile – click HERE.

Official Facebook Profile – click HERE.  (Must be logged in to view.)

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