Life and works of Arnakia

23 Mar

I think that some bands never get the success they deserve.
Constant line up changes and bad luck, holds them back although the band members do their
best to fight back these conditions.

For me, the Athenian band Arnakia falls in this category.
Excelent musicians that spent many years on stage and released two good albums to split after
the sudden death of their drummer.

If you allow me, I could compare the sound of Arnakia (engl. Little Lams) to the one of the New Model Army.

arnakia-1986They were formed in 1984 by bassist Dimitris Papatheofilou as a three piece punk rock band
with Greek lyrics and started playing live mostly at Pegasos club in the Exarhia district.
They went on several line up changes until they recorded their tracks “Kamia Efkeria
(engl. No chance ελλ. Καμμιά Ευκαιρία) and “Oli ine fantasmata” (engl. Everyone’s a ghost
ελλ. Ολοι είναι φαντάσματα) that were featured on the compilation “Sintagi Anti Thanatou
(engl. prescription against death ελλ. Συνταγή αντί θανάτου) that was released in 1986.

arnakia-1990The band was set on hold for a couple of years as Papatheofilou had to go to the army,
where he met the guitar player Haris Papasideris.
In 1988, after both musicians were done with their military “torture” they activated Arnakia

stoma-tou-lykouThis time, Antonis Protonotarios joined the band on the drums and went on a string of gigs
prepearing their first album “Sto Stoma Tou Likou” (engl. In the wolf’s mouth ελλ. Στο
Στόμα του Λύκου) which was released in 1993.

Their post punk sound and their direct, bitter, dark and sometimes political lyrics attracted
a great number of followers.
Their gigs were full of power and energy.

Their track “Na ise etimos” (engl. Be Prepeared ελλ. Να είσαι έτοιμος) was featured in the LP
compilation “Magiko Votani” in 1994.

While recording their second album, titled “Arnakia“, their drummer, Antonis Protonotarios
died on October 1996.
Papatheofilou and Papasideris finished the album that was released later, in 1999.

Recruiting the drummer Spyros Letsis and Takis Kororos (from the band Outland) on rhythm
guitar, Arnakia had one more gig before they split in 1999.

arnakia-lpArnakia was a band that started with the first Greek punk rock wave and during the years that
they’ve been active, they gained the respect of the Greek underground scene supporters.


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2 responses to “Life and works of Arnakia

  1. panagiotis

    March 23, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Although I’m a great fan of Arnakia, I had never thought that their sound reminds New Model Army (another favoutite band too). I think you ‘re absolutely right!
    Anyway, they were a great band, and I consider myself lucky to see them live back in the mid 90’s.
    Sometime ago, I had read on their myspace that they were thinking of the possibility for a reunion, a live performance or sth like that.. But nothing seems to happen.
    PS: The bassist D. Papatheofillou, is appearing on the Leuki Simfonia video for “Koitazonas Piso”.

  2. panole8riambos

    March 24, 2009 at 7:29 am

    Well, I am glad you agree with me about the New Model Army thing.
    Unfortunately, both bands lose their drummers too…
    I didn’t know they were thinking about a reunion.
    It would be great to see Arnakia playin live again.


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