The Hands of Cain – The Only Sound

25 Mar

handsI received the following the other day:
The Only Sound”: a retrospective album with all previously unreleased material of
The Hands of Cain“, to be released March 2009, by Anna Logue Records, on limited edition
160 gr. vinyl.

For more info & for international orders:

To order from Greece send e-mail to: ”

I think, thats cool.
It’s good to know that some very old friends which I haven’t seen for years, will release an album.

And even better…it’s their old, classic stuff that will be released…

Now, to take the things from the start, I have to write here about Ausschwitss.
Like they point out on their myspace profile: “Ausschwitss” (not “Auschwitz”, as it was intentionally misspelled).

So, Ausschwitss was one of the first Greek punk rock bands back then, in the very early 80’s.
They were formed in 1981 by guitar player Dimitris Stamatiou, bassist Dimitris Chorianopoulos and drummer Spyros Floros.
Keyborad player Costas Papakitsos joined this Athenian band.

The funny thing is, I still remember each one’s nickname…

They were all around 15 years old, influenced by the Damned and the Clash but using Greek lyrics.
Ok, Papakitsos was a little more influenced by Siouxsie.

They tried a couple of singers before deciding that Chorianopoulos and Stamatiou would take over the vocals as well.

One of their singers was Raphael, the brother of Zanis, who was the dj at the punk rock club Aretoussa.

Ausschwitss built a reputation by playing in the known underground live clubs of the Plaka district, Aretoussa and Sofita with other punk groups
bands such as the Stress  and Guillotine (Guillotine later changed their name to Soldiers Of Anarchy and finaly, Ex-Humans).

Unfortunately they didn’t release anything but they managed to record two of their songs, “Chameno Kormi” and “Apeili”.
They ceased to exist in 1983.

It was n’t hard to find and hang around with the Ausschwitss.
They were in the district of Patissia and it was easy to meet them at a small bar called Blue Note.

Blue Note was one of the first bars with a vcr so most of the punk rockers and new wave kids were there to watch their
favorite bands.
You could go watch foreign bands on video at Blue Note, during the whole week and go watch some some at Dragon Fly during
the weekend…just for a change.
As most of the kids couldn’t afford paying the drinks in Blue Note, there was a kinda game between them and the waitors some times.
The waitor would come and ask what would you like to drink.
You would say “hm…let me think about it for a while… come  back in five minutes please.”
Then you would change your sit, going to an other room of the bar where you would give the same answers when the waitor
would come to move again to an other room.
I know it sounds silly…but it was funny also.
Thankfully some waitors were not so smart…

hocStamatiou, Chorianopoulos, Floros and Papakitsos changed their minds and during the same year, 1983, they formed a dark
wave band named  The Hands of Cain.
Seems like, under this name, the band managed to record enough matterial for a full length album.
This time, they used english lyrics.
They gave a number of gigs, most of them at Pegasos club at Exarhia district.
Their profile mentions that “due to bad timing and a disagreement with Creep Records they never had any of their material released“.
In 1985 the band decided to split.
Their drummer, Spyros “S. Adam” Floros joined the dark wave band Film Noir and released two album with them.

Due to a strange twist of fate and the web, some of the Hands of Cain demos were discovered no less than 22 years after
the group broke up by Marc Schaffer of AnnaLogue Records.
In 2009 all existing Hands of Cain material will finally be brought to light in a retrospective vinyl release by Anna Logue Records

Anna Logue Records is a German label, founded in 2005 and they release previously unreleased material by original early 80’s
Well, good luck guys.

To listen to the Hands of Cain click  here.
To listen to Ausschwitss here.

Anna Logue Records.
You can always order their album the way that is mentioned on the top of this post.

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