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The Invention of Morel

One of the strangest acts was the Athenian band Morel who took their name by the book “La invención de Morel
of the Argentinian sci/fi writer Adolfo Bioy Casares.

morelpicjpgFormed by the guitar player/poet George Koukios in 1985, Morel became the first band
from Athens that were signed to the indie record label Ano Kato records from Thessaloniki.
Their line up: George Koukios-vocals/guitar, Vasilis Peppas-bass, Michalis Vernadakis-Guitar,
George Andreou-keyboards, Nikos Sidirokastritis-drums.

morel 10.000 meresTheir first album, titled “10.000 meres apo edo” (engl. 10.000 days from here ελλ.  10.000
μέρες απο εδώ) was featuring 14 atmospheric songs with surealistic lyrics, based mostly
on guitar melodies.
This album was released in 1987 coming with a small book full of poems.

Morel’s music style can be described as post-punk although it is dificult to categorise it.

The band gave a small number of gigs and after the release of their their second album
Vouva Topia” (engl. Mute Landscapes ελλ. Βουβά τοπία) in 1988 they played to Bologna’s Bienalle along
with Noise Promotion Company.
“Vouva Topia” was an instrumental album.

Koukios got also involved with filmscoring, wrote the music for a film titled “To megalo
” based on a book of the Greek novelist Karagatsis and directed by Emirzas.
The movie was about to be broadcaste by a Greek tv channel but the Greek Orthodox church
demanded to stop, so it was not shown.

Morel split in the early 90’s after a car accident, right before the first day of recording
sessions for their third album.

Koukios released a solo album in 1994 titled “Homa, Selini, Nero” (engl. Soil, Moon, Water
ελλ. Χώμα, Σελήνη, Νερό).
He continued writing music for tv series, theatrical plays and movie commercials.
He also released poetry and novels.

His personal site is here.

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