Compilation nr. 6

27 Mar

toxicIn 1994 one more compilation was released which gave a better picture of the Greek underground rock scene.  “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land” was released by the Athenian record label Sub Studio and featured 12 Greek bands with music styles ranging from punk rock to stoner rock.

Bands such as Deus X Machina, HeadQuake, Rock Xerox and Nonmandol had members who released albums with their former bands.  Deus X Machina members were playing with Adiexodo, Headquake was formed by members of Melting Ashes and Villa 21, Rock Xerox members were playing with the band South of No North, and Ada Lambara of the Nonmandol was playing a few years before that with Villa 21, as well.

01.  Deus X Machina – Deus
02.  Cosmic Teds – Screaming a love song
03.  Make Believe – Floating world
04.  Headquake – Penetrare
05.  Rockin Bones – Get off my back
06.  Dirty Saints – Get mad
07.  Nightstalker – Trigger happy
08.  Bokomolech – Confession
09.  Nonmandol – Hole in the sky
10.  Rock Herox – Tomorrow’s child
11.  Party Spoilers – Radio man
12.  Terminal Curve – Shine on me

Out of these 12 bands, the only ones who didn’t have a future release were Party Spoilers and Rock Xerox.

Rock Xerox participated with a song that had little to do with South of No North’s sound (George Koulouris and Fivos Pergaliotis were former South Of No North members).  “Tomorrow’s child” was an alternative rock song, and Party Spoilers appeared with a neo-psychedelic song.

For some of the bands, this was their first release.

mbMake Believe was one of them. 

They later became a successful band during the 90’s with their album releases of “Playground” in 1995, “Blue one” in 1996 and “Wide” in 1999. 

The following track is not the compilation’s “Floating World“.  This one is titled “Leave Me Alone” and it is taken from their first album, which was released a year after the “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land” compilation was released.

It was also the first time for the band Bokomolech, who later released some very successful albums during the 90’s.  This five-piece Athenian band was formed in 1991 when they were students at the University of Athens and they took their name after a Romanian doctor.

bokomoleTheir line up was Dimitris Ioannou-vocals, Evi Fraggedaki and Costas Raggousis – guitars and vocals, Lila Katerinaki – bass and vocals, Vlasis Karagiannis – drums.  Playing a noise-rock style, Bokomolech could be considered as epigons of the punk rock scene.  The band released the albums “Xero” in 1995, “Jet lag” in 1997, and after a period of silence, “Exit (trance)” in 2003. 

They were lucky enough to work with producer Steve Albini, who also worked with Nirvana, The Stooges, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Manic Street Preachers, Page and Plant, Mono, Om, Bush, Joanna Newsom, Nina Nastasia, Jawbreaker, The Membranes, Superchunk, Low, Dirty Three, Cheap Trick, Slint , Neurosis and Zao.  “Exit (trance)” was recorded in France and was also released in Portugal and Germany.  In 1997 they released the EP “Insect (Songs)”, and in 1999 the “Slow Burner” EP came out.  They came back for a gig at Mylos Club-Thessaloniki in March 2008, with Christina Kasessian having replaced Evi Fraggedaki.

The following video is the song “When I leave” from the “Insect (Songs)”.

Click here for their myspace profile.

Rockin’Bones was formed in Athens during 1992 with Babi Bone on guitar and vocals, Nick Cage on bass and vocals, S.Pyros D. on the drums, and Fuzzy (ex Personality Crisis), who joined them in early 2008, on guitar.

rockin-bonesThey released their first 7″ single in 1994, titled “Psychomama“, and in 1997 they released the 7′ single “Mary Jane“.  Influenced by bands such as The Ramones and Social Distortion, it took them a few more years to release their first album. 

In 2001 “On Fire” came out and during 2008 they released one more 7″ single through Blind Bastard Records.  Babi and S.Pyros D. were also performing with the Greek desert rock band, Earthbound

Unfortunately, Costas “Fuzzy” Papachronis lost his life in a car accident late in 2008. 

The band decided to have a gig in his memory on January 17 2009.  The following video was filmed during this gig.  The screen behind the band has footage from theatrical plays and tv series where Papachronis appeared as an actor.

For their MySpace profile, click  here.

hquakeThe band HeadQuake was formed by Leonidas Papadakis (ex-Melting Ashes and Spiders Web), Babis Dalidis (ex-Villa 21 and owner of Creep Records), and Thanasis Banasios (ex-Zodiac Trip and Tractor Bowling) in the early nineties. 

Their sound ranges from grunge to alternative rock. 

For a few years, several musicians joined the band and left again.  In 2009, with the addition of guitar player Stelios Giannoulakis, they released their first full length self-titled album.

Their MySpace profile is here.  

Nightstalker had their debut release the same year with the release of “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land”.

nightstaThey became the most well-known stoner band in Greece after four releases:  In 1994 they released the EP “Side FX”, in 1996 their first LP came out, titled “Use” (it was re-released in 2006), the album “Ritual” was released in 2000, and “Just a Burn” in 2004.

Going through a number of line up changes, the only member from their original line up who is still playing with the band today is Argy, the singer and occasional drummer of the band.  Nightstalker, through their powerful live performances, attracted a large number of fans and recently announced the release of a new album titled “Superfreak”, which will be out during 2009.

Their current line up:  Singer/drummer Argy, bass player Andreas (who is also a member of the band Rotting Christ) and guitar player Tolis.

Their MySpace profile is here.

terminalTerminal Curve was formed in the early 90’s by singer Gerasimos Kanakis, guitar player Iason Leontidis, bassist Vangelis Pangos and drummer Nikos Gerakitis

With the help of Urban Aspirines, I found out that they released the single “Penetrate / Senseless Thing” in 1993, an LP titled “Feedind Frenzy” in 1995, and the single “Losin’ it / Back Again” a year later.  “Shine on Me” was a punk rock track with heavy metal riffs.  I can’t clearly say whether the band was a heavy metal band or punk rock since they were flirting with both music genres.  There’s not much information about them and I suppose they split during the late 90’s.

jesus-toy2A bonus 7″ single was given with the first 500 copies of this compilation.  It was the single “Play Deep, Breath Loud” by the stoner rock band Jesus Toy.

According to Tape Recorder, the band was formed in 1992 and some of the HeadQuake members played with them.  They participated with one more track in the compilation “Sub Collection # 2” in 1997.  One year later they split to form the band Vibratore Bizzaro.

Their official website is here.

About the rest of the bands, you can find information on past posts, as follows:

  • About Deus X Machina, click  here
  • About the Cosmic Teds, click  here
  • About The Dirty Saints, click  here
  • About Nonmandol, click here

Its obvious that the compilation album “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land” was a compilation holding a great number of bands that would become successful in the years that followed.  For that reason, it’s not easy to overlook this compilation. 

On the other hand, it gives a clear picture of how active the Greek rock bands were during the 90’s, since most of them spawned a large number of releases.

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