Xenomorph Angels on a Wasteland

31 Mar

wastelandWasteland was a five piece band from Athens that were formed in 1989.
They were defined by pop-goth melodies and romantic lyrics.
Their powerfull live performances helped them creat a number of devoted followers in.
Dealing mostly with love, fear of isolation and the need for communication they released
their first mini LP, “Dream Drops” in 1994.
Using mandolins, melancholic guitar riffs, atmospheric keyboard sounds and passionate vocals
they first appeared on the compilation “Divin’-Modern Tales from an ancient city” in 1993.
Wasteland had one more release in 1994, the 7″ single “Moon on Fire/Lonesome Yesterday“.
In 1996, the band released their last 7″ single,” Move / Stormy“.

They started recording a second album which was never released and they split a little later, in 1998.

Their keyboard player, Kyriakos Poursanidis, went on to form his personal project, Blue Birds Refuse To Fly.

BBRTF 2007The name of the band was taken from a Wasteland song that can be found in their album “Dream Drops”.
The release of the album “Give Me The Wings” found Poursanidis following a different musical direction from his former band.
Having Christina Mihalitsi on the lead vocals, and Poursanidis on keyboards, programming and songwriting
Blue Birds Refused to Fly became an EBM project.

Wasteland’s singer/guitar player George Priniotakis appeared on two tracks and the album was released
in 1998.

Two of the album’s tracks were included in compilations (“Girls Re-write Rock” by Voice
magazine and “Hymns“, a compilation by Sony Music targetting the european audience). The
album was voted in the 10 best of the year by the readers of Pop & Rock magazine in Greece. Today it is very rare since Physis Records’ headquarters were destroyed by the grand earthquake in Athens in 1999 and the label ceased to exist.

anapteromaPoursanidis released an other album in 2002 when he formed a side project called Aroma.
The album was titled “Oneirou Odysseia” (engl. Odessey of the Dream ελλ. Ονείρου Οδύσσεια) and singer Maria Pantelaki,
was singing in Greek.
Priniotakis appears again here but this time as the producer of the album.

Poursanidis and Priniotakis worked together for the next Blue Birds Refuse To Fly album that was titled “Anapteroma“.
This time, George Dedes of the Greek gothic-rock band The Illusion Fades, did the vocals.

The band was signed to the Italian record label Decadance and “Anapteroma” was released in 2004.

With the addition of singer Eva K., Blue Birds Refuse To Fly recorded their third album, “Xenomorph Angel” which was
released in 2007 and went on a European tour.

George Priniotakis also appears as session musician with the band Common Sense.
He also released a solo album under his personal projetc, Orama (engl. Vision ελλ. Οραμα) through Virgin Records in 1999.
The album’s title was “Oneiromixani” (engl. Dream Machine ελλ. Ονειρομηχανή).

Priniotakis also appears as a sound engineer of all the Puzzlemusic releases and many other recordings.

As the 90’s was the most active decade of the Greek rock scene, Blue Birds Refuse To Fly, is the perfect example of how the Greek bands finaly found the way to work on their own and get in touch with foreign record labels.


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3 responses to “Xenomorph Angels on a Wasteland

  1. tapesgoneloose

    April 1, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks for all the info – I had no idea about their side projects & the Wasteland records have been a guilty pleasure of mine (what with their shameless ‘pop sensibilities,’ heh!) for ages. Will put on the blog, too, as soon as I can put life on hold.

  2. Θειος

    April 6, 2009 at 8:11 am

    The last 2 weeks i’m working on it…
    Almost ready…
    Thanks from me as well !!!

  3. panole8riambos

    April 7, 2009 at 6:29 am

    Thank you too.
    Can hardly wait to listen to two weeks work of worth.


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