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“Weapon of Magick” – Free Download

A new four-CD compilation set has been made available for FREE download from a recently discovered fellow blogger.


Because God Told Me To Do ItBecause God Told Me To Do It” has undertaken the enormous task of compiling bands from around the world, including Greece, the USA, Russia, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, France, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, and Portugal, to name just a few.

 The owners of the blog received contributions directly from the artists themselves and put together the 4 parts of the compilation, as follows:

Because God Told Me To Do It - 01 "Formulation"   Because God Told Me To Do It - 2 Conversion   Because God Told Me To Do It - 3 Implementation   Because God Told Me To Do It - 4 Weapon Of Magick

  • CD 1 – Formulation
  • CD 2 – Conversion
  • CD 3 – Implementation
  • CD 4 – Weapon of Magick

“]newZEROgod - Live at Gagarin (Athens, 2007 Dec. 07) [photo by M. Christou]

newZEROgod - Live at Gagarin205 in Athens, Greece, on December 07, 2007 (photo by M. Christou)

“Weapon of Magic” contains a track by Greece’s newZEROgod, who are currently in studio finalizing their upcoming CD “Fun is a Four Letter Word” . 

NEXUS (2000) - can hear the band perform live with their cover of the NEXUS track, “In Your Dreams Again“.  This was recorded during their performance at the Small Music Theatre (Athens, Greece) in October, 2007.  (This track will not be on their forthcoming CD, and this may be a limited time offer.)  (In other words, jump while you have the opportunity! ;))

You can download all four CDs, including original artwork and liner notes, by visiting this.  There’s an amazing and varied array of artists and I’m sure there will be at least a few tracks to tantalize your tastebuds.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Official newZEROgod website HERE

Official NEXUS website HERE

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