Compilation nr. 7

10 Apr

double-shotIn 1992, a vinyl compilation was released featuring 14 bands from Greece and Belgium.

The A Side holds 6 Greek bands that most of them were covered in past posts.


A Side

1.  Flowers Of Romance-Amaradina

2.  Panx Romana-The Farm Madness

3.  No Man’s Land-Jericho

4.  Dirty Saints-Nocturnal Love

5.  Brush-Need

6.  Melting Ashes-The midnight Bar


B Side

1.  The Midnight Men-Mean mutha fuckin’ man

2.  Hibernation-Blow your head off

3.  The Spanks-Gimme trash

4.  The Japs-Off the wall

5.  Excessives-Salt

6.  Kris T. and DSE-Your turn to blow

7.  The Candy Dates-Always doing things

8.  The Stoics-I’ve made up my mind


The opening track, “Amaradina” by the Flowers of Romance, was recorded especially for this compilation and would be a bonus track on the German edition of their next album, “Pleasure and the Pain”.

“Amaradina” was a post-punk song about a witch that lived at the island of Crete during the dark ages and was burned alive.

During the same year, the band released with the same line-up, the EP “Love Means Death” and a compilation cassette in England, titled “The Flowers Of Romance…the story so far”.


Panx Romana, the oldest Greek punk-rock band, appeared here with a great punk-rock track, probably one of the few they did using English lyrics.

Originaly, the song was released as “Synagermos” (engl. Alarm ελλ. Συναγερμός) and both versions, greek and English would be released in 1993 on their CD album “Spase tin Grammi” (engl. Break the line ελλ. Σπάσε την γραμμη).

“Synagermos” was recorded at Sierra Studios on March 1990 and can also be found on the 7” compilation “Fragmenta” that was given for free with the fanzine “Stis Skies tou B 23”.


no_mans_landTwo years after the release of their EP “The Reality Trip”, No Man’s Land appear hear with the psychedelic track “Jericho”.

This was their last release before they decide to put the band on hold, in 1993.

No Man’s Land were reformed in 2001 by founding members, singer/guitar player Vasilis Athanasiadis, bass player Giorgos Papageorgiadis and drummer Giorgos Nikas.

In 2005, ex- Purple Overdose drummer, Christoforos Triantadylopoulos replaced Nikas and in 2008 their third album was released, titled Home in the Sky.

By the same year, 2008, a limited vinyl release of the band, saw the day of light with only two, more than 18 minutes long, psychedelic tracks titled  Writers have no real life” and “Stormbird“.


dirty_saintsDirty Saints recorded their track especially for this compilation too.

As their last release came out that year, “Nocturnal Love” wouldn’t be featured anywhere else.

The band is in great shape, performing in their personal psychedelic garage  style.

Click here for more.


brushBrush was a five piece band that was formed in Athens in 1985.

They released only one album before calling it a day.

The band also appeared on the national Greek tv channel during 1990.


Melting Ashes were formed in 1986.

They did a limited number of gigs enlivened by slide shows and audience participation before splitting up in the spring of 1988.

melting_ashesTheir only vinyl appearance had been on a rather low-fi sampler called “12 Raw Greek Groups“. They had recorded a few demos in the last months of their existence, however, and a posthumous album was released in 1991, titled “Green Fuzz 1987“.

Leonidas Papadakis would later join the Spiders Web.

Nowdays he is a member of the band Headquake.


Since this is not the right place to write about the bands from Belgium, I will stop here.

I guess this album is very rare now…

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