Back in Black – the documentary

14 Apr

Back in BlackThe awarded film director George Kagialedakis finished his 70 minute documentary about the Greek underground rock scene.

The film is titled “Back In Black” and it deals mostly with the conditions of the music industry in Greece and how the local bands are treated since the people of the industry don’t seem to share the musicians’ dreams.


christiana-elysionOne of the bands participating in the documentary film is Elysion, who recently replaced their singer Maxi Nil with the charismatic ChristianaThe band continues in their gothic-metal style like they did before, in search of a record deal.

You can check them out here.


Maxi Nil is in the process of forming a new band.  She performed on stage with the metal band Moonspell, in Athens.



Another band appearing in the documentary is the four-piece act of New ZERO God, which was formed by Mike Pougounas and Dimitris “Sidheog” Stevis, former members of The Flowers Of Romance, Nexus, and The DropsNew ZERO God’s current lineup also includes B-Abyss (bass) and E-Raptor (guitars) from Past Perfect.


New Zero God will have an album ready to be released after the summer, titled “Fun is a 4 letter word”.  They were the opening act for the Legendary Pink Dots and Christian Death and also headlined the last two Playhouse Gotique Festivals.

Click here for more:


Michalis Galaios founded the electronic/experimental project Mavres ComodiesGalaios is the former guitar player of the Greek legendary band Erevos and lately as the bass player of the cult band Lost Bodies.


On this new material he will work with New ZERO God’s singer Mike Pougounas.

You can click here to listen to Mavres Comodies.




The soundtrack of “Back In Black” is writen by Kagialedakis’ band, RagKagialedakis was a former member of the band Sonar Blips that released one self-titled LP in the early 90’s.  Rag released an album in the early 00’s, titled “Brainstorm”.

You can check the band Rag here.


The idea of filming the documentary “Back in Black” came up while Pougounas and Kagialedakis were discussing the topic while driving to the Patras International Film Festival in 2007, where Kagialedakis was awarded for another documentary.


vlad-the-demon-1Pougounas, a film director himself, was also awarded the following year at the Patras International Film Festival 2008 for his short black and white comedy, “Vlad the Demon” (edited by Kagialedakis).


Another founding member of The Flowers Of Romance, bass player Tasos Dimitriadis, was staring as Vlad the Demon (he also appears in Nexus’s video clip which was again directed by Kagialedakis).




Pougounas was also responsible for the interviews in “Back in Black” and he also performed the male vocals for the Rag songs “My Life” and “Rock’n’Roll Puppet” while playing the keyboards on their song “From Hell” which appears on the soundtrack of the documentary.


The documentary will tour the Film Festivals in Europe, Asia and U.S. before coming to a theatre near you.


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