Captain Nefos and his Cadillac Dreams

22 Apr

Happening Records, a record shop in the centre of Athens, had a few releases such as the 7″ single of the punk rock band Birth Ward 82, Vavoura Band, Magic De Spell and a couple more.


cadillac-dreamsHappening’s ninth release is one of the rarest singles of the Greek underground rock scene of the 80’s.

The single was titled “Cadillac Dreams” and it came out in 1983.

The band was Captain Nefos (engl. Captain Smog, ελλ. Καπταιν Νεφος) a four piece new wave act from Athens that made their first appearance in 1982 next to punk rock bands such as the Ausschwitss, Soldiers Of Anarchy (later became the first Greek hardcore punk group by the name Ex-Humans), Stress and Anypofori.


“Cadillac Dreams” was on A side while B side  holds the song “Enjoying“.

The line up of Captain Nefos was Akis “Bua” Bogiatzis, Iakovos Manis, Giorgos Tourlakis and Makis Vrettos.


Although it was a much promising band, they released an 11 track LP, titled “Silence Interrupted”  for Creep Records in 1984 before calling it a day.


Singer/guitar player, Akis “Bua” Bogiatzis would form the band Libido Blume with drummer Makis Vrettos and in 1997 he will form the band Sigmatropic.


This is where he will worked again with guitar/keyboard player Iakovos Manis.


Sigmatropic would write a new chapter in the Greek rock history releasing four albums and working with Howe Gelb, Carla Torgerson, James Sclavunos and others.


As both Libido Blume and Sigmatropic need special posts, I’ll leave that for later.

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