Hi Infidelity

24 Apr


Someone might not understand what the difference is of living far away from Athens when it comes to rock’n’roll… 


Well, being far away from Athens makes life too damn difficult for Greek rock musicians.  Partly because Athens, a city of 5 million people, was always the centre of a half dead Greek “music industry“, and partly because of the conservative minds of the people in the countryside.


The music borders were always a bit hazy in Greece:  Rock music? Why not some bouzouki?”


If you chose rock’n’roll, there comes another question:  Greek lyrics or English lyrics (the rest of the languages are far behind these two).


If you chose Greek, that’s fine, but if you chose English lyrics you have to answer “why” in every damn interview you give in your life: “Since you are Greeks why do you sing in English?”


The answer is so fucking obvious that this question alone makes the interviewer look more stupid than a squirrel which is about to bite a pair of balls mistaking them for nuts:  “They speak English cause they want to sell records over the Greek borders” for fuck sake.


They could sing in Greek BUT they want to have the chance to drink beers in Berlin, dance in London or play live in Paris, and singing in Greek makes this dream impossible.


That’s the whole frigging truth.


But when the question, “Since you are Greeks why do you sing in English?” comes up, there is something hiding between the lines.   Something like: “You don’t like the Greeks?”, “…your mother language?” and shit like that.


This question discourages some people from supporting bands with English lyrics.


People, it’s alright to sing in English, Greek or any damn language you feel like…


Now, where were we?


Kilkis is a city of about 25,000 people in North Central Greece.



In 1996, a new band, called Infidelity, was formed in that city and today they exist with the following line up:  Dimitris P.M. – vocals, Stelios G. – guitars, George M. – guitars, vocals, Sophie K. – bass guitars, accordion, piano, vocals, George S. – drums


In 2005, Infidelity released a CD album titled “Viewer from a Black Star” playing pure alternative rock with English lyrics.  They have participated in the short movie “From Hell With Love“, which was directed by Giannis Tsitsimis, with 2 of their songs, “Fantasy” and “Perfect Crime“, for which they won the 1st award of music for a film in the “Super-8 and Video-Film” festival in Thessaloniki.


Playing live all around Greece, the band is ready to release a second album any day now.


You can visit the official site of Infidelity to listen to the

whole album.  

You may also order it online from Play Our Music.


Their myspace profile is here.

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