Days of Future passed vol. 3

27 Apr

Here is a video catching R.R. Hearse & S/M performing live at An Club in the late 80’s.

As I couldn’t specifically describe their sound when I posted the introduction to the “Opticoacoustic Bomb“.

I guess this will give you an idea.


R.R. Hearse (aka Lambros Tsamis) was jamming very often with the Ex Humans during the early 80’s ( click here for video ) and he also did the vocals for the Soldiers of Anarchy (later to be named Ex-Humans).


In the mid 90’s he formed the duet Love Exotics.

After some research, I discovered that Love Exotics released two tracks, “Sunday” and “Morning Lullabieson a cassette compilation, given for free with the fanzine Overdub in 1997.

The title of the compilation was “Obscurity – Discharge – Over“.

Two years later, an other Love Exotics track appeared on the limited CD compilation “Try A Little Sunshine“.

The track title was “Love Song“.

Lambros Tsamis was working for years by the nickname DJ Low-Fi.



Villa 21 appeared on the “Opticoacoustic Bomb” with two tracks, “(The Land Where the) Sun Never Shines” is one of them.

I spotted that the blog Tape Recorder wrote about their first two singles here

and Vertigo blogspot gives informations about their album “Man of Clayhere


You can read about their history on this past post of ours.

Someone made a profile of the band on myspace.

This is the link. 

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