From Blood Nirvana to Heavy Liquid

28 Apr

1993When the Last Drive met Paul B. Cutler that night in 1990, they wouldn’t imagine that he would be their future producer.

The band was opening for the American band, The Dream Syndicate at Rodon Club – Athens and there was where they met Cutler who was playing the guitar for the D.S.


A lot of things changed with the release of the album “Blood Nirvana“.

Blood Nirvana” was different from the “Heatwave” album.

Diving into the abyss of a raw rock’n’roll sound, touching sometimes the edges of heavy metal, the band started exploring new sounds capes.


Music Maniac, the German label that was re-releasing their albums terminated their cooperation.

Maybe their contract was over, maybe the new style didn’t fit in Music Maniac’s roster…we will never know.

One way or the other, the new sound was refreshing and the boys choose to move in that new direction.

Some old fans were disappointed and some new fans came up.

You can’t win them all…


munster-comp“Blood Nirvana” found also distribution in Spain and U.S. and the Last Drive participated in the compilation

Munster Dance Hall Favorites. Vol.III” of the Spanish label Munster Records, before going on tour with Dead Moon.


Paul B. Cutler returned to Greece to produce the next Last Drive album, “F* Head Entropy“.

That would their hardest album and would be the first one for the ex-Alley Rats guitarist, Thanos Amorginos, who joined the Last Drive.


11 tracks of raw power and a more eccentric language from what the band used on their past albums.

The album was released in 1992 and the band flew to Spain for a few gigs before returning to Greece to play live at Thessaloniki on 21st and 22nd of May 1993.

The Last Drive would hold a special gig for the 10 years of the band on December 23rd 1993.

Probably one of their last gigs before signing to a major label, BMG records, in 1994.


Before signing for BMG records, they participated again with a track on the Spanish compilation “Enclosed Please Find… Your Invitation To Suicide“.

BMG records released their last album, titled “Subliminal” in 1995.


In the same year, the lead guitar player, George Karanikolas (B.George Bop), decided to leave the band and work on his side project, the band Blackmail.

After a few months, Last Drive would split, with each member following a different direction except Alex Kalofolias (Alex K.) and Thanos Amorginos (T.H. Lime) who formed the desert rock band Earthbound.

Drummer Chris Michalatos would join the band Speedballs for a while.


On February 2007 the band re-formed.

Initially for three gigs but later they decided to record new material.

In 2008, Blind Bastard Records released a double dvd/cd with footage from their concerts of 2007, titled “Time is not important“.


Their new album, “Heavy Liquid” has 11 tracks and it is expected to hit the market on May 9 2009.


You can listen to some of their new songs, such as “A Glass of Broken Dreams”, “Magdalene”, “Pantherman” on myspace .



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4 responses to “From Blood Nirvana to Heavy Liquid

  1. panole8riambos

    September 21, 2009 at 6:56 am

    Thanks for the links.

  2. tapesgoneloose

    October 5, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    ‘BMG records released their last album, titled “Subliminal” in 1995.’

    Is this true? I’m rather positive it was in ’94 – second half, I believe. Their site says ’95, wikipedia says ’94; I’ll need to check this!

  3. panole8riambos

    October 8, 2009 at 6:16 am

    Well…I can always ask.
    Welcome back.


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