Compilation nr. 8

30 Apr

OutsidersI discovered today that weird site, selling Greek underground rock albums in outrageous prices.

200$ for a Chaos Generation album.

125$ for an Ipogia Troxia album

100$ for an Antidrasi album…

This is madness…

No wonder why people prefer to download from the internet instead of buying them…


The next LP was released in 1985 and was rated at 200$ but for many-many years you could find it for 1 euro…

Yes, for 1 euro.


It is a compilation LP that Costas from the Chaos Generation reminded me a few months ago while we were talking about it.

We were talking especialy about the band “Not 2 without 3“.

The faces on the album sleeves look so familiar to both of us but we couldn’t remember jack shit about them.

Of course the band was very active back in those days but I think it’s a long time ago.


The title of this compilation is “Outsiders” and Not 2 without 3 participated with two tracks: I keep” and “Crocodiles“.

It was a dark wave band with a typical line up, bass-drums-guitar-vocals.

“I keep” had a great chorus line on vocals and strangely enough for that era, there is a guitar solo which is very melodic and interesting.

On “Crocodiles” sounds obvious that the rhythm section was influenced by the Cure of the early days (what do you expect ? this was in 1985…) but the singer was clever enough to confuse the listener, singing in a more personal style.

For sure that song would be a great dance floor hit in some gothic clubs in the present time.

Strangely enough, I have a vague memory of linking them to the South of No North.

Maybe they were in the same company of friends.

2 without 3 never released a full album.


The compilation track listing:


1.  Libido Blume-In my room

2.  Not 2 without 3-I keep

3.  X-Mandarina Duck-Television

4.  Venericna Bolest-To hit

5.  Anti-Troppau Council-Contract with the devil

6.  Anti-Troppau Council-Remissed

7.  Venericna Bolest-Τυπωμένη συνήθεια

8.  X-Mandarina Duck-Passengers

9.  Not 2 without 3-Crocodiles

10.  Libido Blume-House of light


venericna-bolestVenericna Bolest never released an album either.

This was an Athenian post punk band with Greek lyrics.

George Drakopoulos was on the keyboards (former member of the bands Horis Peridereo, Moist Device, he would join later the band Chaos Generation / Genia tou Haous).

The rest band members were guitar player Andreas Takis, singer/bassist Giorgos Kanavakis and drummer Vangelis Pipinis.

Their sound was close to Wasted Youth’s or the early Modern English.

They never released a full length album or any 7″  single.


x-mandarina duckX-Mandarina Duck was Tom Bouzanis’s three piece band.

Tom was an ex member of Parthenogenesis and joined for a while the punk rock band Stress.

In 1984 he founded the X-Mandarina Duck with Zacharias ‘Zack Antvark’ Vrelianakis on the bass and drummer Chris Mine.

Their sound was close the English punk rock scene of the late 70’s.

They released the 7″ single “Non Stop Sensations” in 1986 and split.

Tom Bouzanis joined later the English bands “Passengers” and “Dynamite Inc“.

In 2005 he released the CD album “13een Black

This album had little to do with the old X-Mandarina Duck sound.


libido-blumeLibido Blume was the post-punk/new wave band that Aki “Bua” Bogiatzis formed in 1984 when Captain Nefos disbanded.

The band released two albums “Colours Melting” in 1986 and “Liquid Situation” in 1987.

They also released a 5 track mini album in 1986, titled “Brilliant names and dames“.

The line up of the band was Aki “Bua” Bogiatzis – bass/vocals, Dimitris Stergiou – keyboards/vocals, Giannis Drenogiannis-guitar

(Stelios Habibis would soon take his place) Dimitris Bourousas-Drums.

Later Tasos Katsaris-sax/keyboards and Makis Vretos-drums joined the band replacing Stergiou and Bourousas respectively.

The track “In My Room” appears also on “Colours Melting” on a different (and better) version.

Their myspace profile is here.


Giannis Drenogiannis was mentioned in past postings.

He was the guitar player of Anti-Troppau Council, later joined the band Horis Peridereo for a while, played a little with Libido Blume and finally formed the band Yeah!

I hope I didn’t forget any other band.


The compilation “Outsiders” was released by the indie record label Dikaioma Diavasis.

Later, this record label would become “Di-Di music” and “Big Star Promotions“.

“Big Star Promotions” is nowdays the top Greek rock promoter, organizing many festivals every year in Greece with Rockwave Festival on top of them all, which is taking place in Greece every summer.

Rockwave Festival (it was Rock of Gods till the year 2000) hosted bands such as the Black Sabbath, Offspring, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Slipknot and many others…


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4 responses to “Compilation nr. 8

  1. tapesgoneloose

    May 15, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Fuck people making a living by selling greek albums for $200! It’s probably a bubble – it should burst at some point… After turning ’60s 45’s into a super-expensive commodity, they started doing the same w/ ’80s stuff – I guess the ’90s are next, at which point one will have to shell out 100 euro to get hold of a 7″ the band couldn’t give away for free back in the time :)… I mean, if these prices are not aritficial, you & I both & a bunch of others should feel like possessing tens of thousands worth of vinyl – have you ever tried to sell one for your LPs to a record store for 100 euro though :)?…

    Ironically enough: isn’t X-Mandarina Duck’s Zack the well-known 2nd hand record shop enterpreneur?

    Anyway, keep going strong! & thanks for all the info!

  2. Laura

    March 16, 2010 at 1:34 am

    I used to know Dynamite Inc. Any idea where I an get hold of Tommy’s 2005 album?

  3. Γιώργος Οικονόμου

    July 25, 2011 at 9:37 am

    I remember back in 1985 when i was a 19 years old punk rocker in Argos (!) whith only one (1) friend, Elias. We were sharing the same interest for “weird” music, Birthday Party, Fall,Yell o Yell, Syd Barret, Bauhaus, but also Black Flag, Chaos Generation and Dead Kennedys.
    Well, this friend had a cousin named Vasilis (im not very sure abouth that) Salapatas, who was living in Athens and playing in a band called Not 2 Without 3!
    I dont remember what exactly he was doing in the band, i think he was the singer, but i remember he was coming to our place in summer, bringing us tapes with punk and new wave bands. I first heard Stiff Little Fingers from him and they became my favourite band for ever.
    And now the tragical side of the story. He had given me a tape with the songs of Not 2 Without 3. I dont remember how many songs there were in the tape BUT i remember that i was foolish enough to lend that tape to a boy that i had recently met (i was a student in Athens then) in order to copy it and return it to me…. You all understand the rest of the story… He has simply vanished together with the tape. I’ve never stopped blaming myself for being such a stupid person since then…..
    I never met Salapatas again, so this tape is gone forever!
    And not only this but this friend of mine, his cousin, left for England and stayed there for many many years! Now he’s back in Athens but we don’t speak to each other anymore! We had a fight 10 years ago and i’ve never see him since.
    I remember that the songs were really great and were even better than the two songs that were icluded in “Outsiders”. Such a shame…
    So please if any of these 2 people are reading this comment: Upload the songs from that tape. They are really great!

  4. panole8riambos

    July 25, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Thank you for your comment.


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