newZEROgod – Exposed

05 May

Stolen from the Blog of New ZERO God at MySpace:

new ZERO god

About a year ago, maybe a little more, New Zero God gave an interview for the tv show Art Über Alles.  Yes, I am sure, it was more than a year ago as the band was not recording the album yet.

Since then, Art Über Alles moved from the tv channel that was broadcasting the show to the

The show is on air every Wednesday, with new Greek and foreign bands, video clips, interviews etc.

newZEROgodOn April 29, 2009, the show was hosting the nZg interview (at minute 25.11).

On the same show, you can watch an exclusive interview of the Dutch band Mecano (in English) and a lot more (in Greek).


Featured video clips:
     Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall.
     Echo & the Bunnymen – Seven Seas.
     Orbital – Funny Break

(Strangely enough, nZg’s drummer “Sidheog” joined Mecano for a while in the past.)

This is the link for the show:

Thanks to the wonderful people of Art Über Alles for the exposure.


I do hope you make it a point to view the entire video, but if you can’t devote that much time in the day, please be sure to forward to minute 25.11 to view the exclusive interview of newZEROgod.  It was thrilling to watch and they did a great job.

Stay safe, be well, have a spectacular evening … and always remember to let a smile touch your day! 🙂


(Of course, to set the record straight, the blog posting was stolen with permission.)   😉

Click here for more on New Zero God


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2 responses to “newZEROgod – Exposed

  1. panagiotis

    May 10, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    I watched the entire video (ok, I jumped some of the clips, I must confess!). The nZg interview is quite interesting! I’m sure that the upcoming album will shake their fans (as M. Pougounas said they want their music back to basics etc…).

  2. panole8riambos

    May 10, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Art Uber Alles is doing a great job.
    Thanks for the comment panagiotis.


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