There is Always Something new out there vol. 3

05 May

One night I saw a band with a kinda weird name playing live.

The name of the band was Chewing Gun.

Their sound is a mixture of prog-heavy rock, psychedelic elements and even some drum n bass and funk.

Although it took me a couple of years to see them playing live, Chewing Gun is a busy four piece act from Athens with English lyrics.

All four members are experienced musicians who have been around for many years, playing with several bands.


The band consists of guitarist/singer Takis Markou, drummer Tasos Peppas ( former member of the bands Psycoanalysis, Mosquitos, Athoryvoi, 6string Suicide, Nothing, Ypogeia Revmata, Anemos, Rot, Artificial Honey) Bass player Giannis Gekis (former member of the band Late November and others… their names escape me right now), and guitar player Giorgos Christopoulos (former member of the bands Vertigo, Artificial Honey, Carpe Diem).

They are recording their first album, but they play live very often all around Athens, and it’s easy (at least for the Greeks) to find them playing somewhere…

This vid might give you an idea of who they are, plus they have a myspace profile worth visiting.

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