Back in Black – History is made by the bands vol. 1 – interview

10 May

back in black poster

On Saturday, May 16, people will have the chance to take a sneak peek at the movie, “Back in Black – History is Made By the Bands – Vol. 1” at Underworld Club – Ippokratous 56, Athens.

If you are interested to know what the movie is about, be there at 20:30.

The entrance is free.


Although we originally wrote about this movie here, today we will ask the director, George Kagialedakis, a few questions.

Actually, this is the first part of a documentary. “Vol. 1” is about the dreams of young Greek rock musicians and the harsh reality through the eyes of the experienced ones.”

You made documentaries about several issues such as nature, industrial documentaries, music videos, fiction movies and you’ve been awarded for an underwater documentary. Why did you choose to make a movie with this subject this time?

Because I am one of them. I’ve been a musician since 1981 and I played with lots of bands.  With some of them, such as the Sonar Blips and Rag, I released a few albums.

Through my experience I am well aware that nobody is interested in rock music in Greece except for the musicians and a part of the audience.

Using this means (the movie), I believe that people will get the chance to share the dreams and beliefs of all these musicians.

So, is the movie dealing with the Greek rock music industry? 

I am well aware that most of the people over the Greek borders know nothing about the existence of a Greek rock scene.

greg vaiosThere were always very good Greek bands with English lyrics in our country, but because of the Greek mentality they had no luck. There are still great bands around that could build an international career.

There are some exceptions that made it abroad but this is because of their personal contacts and because of some small indie record labels.

To explain a few things here, the major Greek record labels were always branches of some foreign record label.

They were simply distributing foreign artists in Greece, and with a part of their profit, they were releasing Greek traditional artists for internal consumption.

They were never interested in exporting rock artists.

Because of that, we always had all these kids playing rock music that were always left aside and kept as a secret.

The major Greek record labels were, of course, exporting traditional music to the Greeks of the diaspora all over the world.

bib elysionBut what was happening to the rock musicians ?

A major Greek label can’t go to the foreign mother record label and propose a Greek band.

They would never accept it because of the competition with the local rock bands.

So, you have Greek labels burying the Greek rock bands and foreign major labels who don’t want them.

Next step for the Greek bands was, during the last years, to turn to foreign underground labels.

So, “Back in Black – History is Made by the Bands Vol. 1” is a movie full of live footage?

Not just live footage but also backstage discussions with band members and people of the Greek rock music industry, radio producers, label owners, record shop keepers.

They all started with dreams.

Even the record shop keepers. You know…some people feel fulfilled selling records.

In the process, things change…

Music for money ?

marilou (drama queen)/mike (nZg)What I try to make obvious is that as we grow older and dreams become hazy, music is there for the sake of its own. Music is fun.

People are getting really brokenhearted when they “fail”.

But, what is success ?

What is “failure”?  Not selling a million albums?  Not touring the planet?

I believe that having the gift of music is the essence of life.

It’s expression, it’s having a good time and getting to meet people that you would never get to know if you were not a musician.

Thanks to music I was contacted by people from all around the world and especially from places that I would never visit.

I didn’t sell millions of albums but my music found them like the music of other Greek bands did.

Because you share your music and your feelings that come from deep inside you.

You can call me romantic or naïve but this is how I see it.

For sure there are people making money without playing a single note, all because of these same musicians.

e-raptor/b-abyss (nZg)That’s reality.

Greek musicians can only enjoy the fun of creation and the thrill of communication.

I know your current band, Rag, is active.

Is there a Rag interview on the documentary also ?

No, there wasn’t any reason for someone from my band to talk in the movie.

We just wrote the original soundtrack.

Since you call it “Vol. 1” what do you have in mind for “Vol. 2”?

I think it’s the same situation in most of the countries. Mainly the non-English speaking ones.

“Vol. 2” will focus on other European rock bands that will help us discover what is going on in their countries as well.

This means there won’t be any Greek bands on “Vol. 2”?

I prefer to deal with European bands on “Vol. 2”.

Are you interested in sending the movie to festivals over the Greek borders this year ?

I will send it to as many festivals around the world as possible.

What do you expect this movie to achieve?

It would be nice to be watched by as many people as possible, especially by non-musicians, so they will understand the difficulties that the rock bands are facing.

All the bands need as much support as possible.

Music is feelings – music is life”.


nZg liveWe’d like to thank George for this interview and wish every success to his new movie.

All the above photos come from the movie courtesy of Rag Films.

Once again, you can watch this movie on May 16, 2009, at the Underworld club – Ippokratous 56, Athens.

It will start at 20:30 and the entrance is free.

Rag Films on MySpace.


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2 responses to “Back in Black – History is made by the bands vol. 1 – interview

  1. george

    May 17, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    pos boro na to apoktiso?ime apo kriti(iraklio).

  2. panole8riambos

    May 18, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Geia sou George, efxaristoume gia to sxolio.
    Fantazomai meta ta festival sta opoia tha paei, o skino8eths 8a brei kapoio tropo na to dioxetefsei sthn agora.
    Meso kapoion periodikon isos ?
    8a xeroume tote…


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