Days of Future passed vol. 5

12 May

It’s time now, for a video that finds Panx Romana performing live their track “To gramma (engl. The letter ελλ. Το γράμμα) at An club in the early ’90s.

The band gained a great number of followers and their releases sold a lot of thousands of copies becoming the most successfull Greek punk rock band.

They were mostly influced by the Ramones and the Clash and were usualy writing anti-militaristic/anti-war songs with Greek lyrics.

More informations about them, here.

The video is taken from the VHS compilation “Opticoacoustic Bomb” that was released in the early 90’s but lately they came back, playing mostly live and not recording.

The following video finds them playing live at No Budget Festival – Larissa during August 2008.

With the band  set on freeze during the mid 90’s King Julio, their bass player, found the chance to form the band Ache In Silence.

Ache in Silence was a four piece punk rock act with the following line up: King Julio-vocals, Giorgos Papadimitriou-guitar, Stefanos Betsalis-bass and Nikos Palatsoudis-drums.

The following video comes from the self titled CD album of Ache In Silence.

King Julio also played the bass for the reggae band Kilimanjaro as well as for the band Surface.

He also produced the 7″ singles, “Kick Inside/Closer to Me” of Honeydive and “Old Skin Virus” of the band, Surface.

You can find King Julio on myspace here.


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