Old As Forever…New As Tomorrow

13 May

old as forever...Kant used the term “Ding an sich”, or “thing-in-itself”.

This is where the Athenian band Ding an Sich took their name from.

In 2000, Capp Records released their CD album “Old As Forever…New As Tomorrow” compiling unreleased material of the band of the era 1989-1992.

But that wasn’t the first album release of the band as they released the album “The Wanderer And His Shadow” in 1995.

So, “Old As Forever…New As Tomorrow” gives a clear picture of how they sounded during their early days.


1   A Hollow Image Of Fulfilled Desire

2   Little Screaming Animal

3   Tears Of The Angel

4   Wandering

5   Our Name Is Melancholy

6   You Told Me “I’m So Tired”

7   And…….

8   When Tears Have Eyes

9   Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand

10  Where Lovers Burn

11  Evening Wind

12  Winter Tree

13  Land Of Glory

14  Staying Back To Continue The Show

new as tomorrowTo be honest, I am not thrilled with the artwork of the CD as there are no informations about the musicians or the recordings etc.

I have to point out here that Ding an Sich was a band that was not feeling comfortable with the photos and this makes very difficult for one to trace informations about who left the band and joined in since 1988.

Here one can also find the tracks “And…….” and “Wandering” in different versions from the single’s.

(In my opinion, these versions here are better).

I think it was Alex Macheras from the band In Trance 95 that appeared as guest keyboard player on the 7″ single (if I am wrong please correct me) but he is replaced here by Vangelis .

A lucky guess for the band’s line up: singer-Panagiotis Merekos , bass player-Nick Sarikostas, drummer-George Polizos and Dimitris Papalakis on the guitars.

“Old As Forever…New As Tomorrow” holds some post-punk diamonds, such as the “Little Screaming Animal“, the Nephilimesque “When Tears Have Eyes“, “You Told Me “I’m So Tired“, “Evening Wind“.

It is also obvious that the band was moving from the guitar oriented sound to a keyboard based sound (“The Wanderer And His Shadow” album followed that path).

Anyone can understand that while the band was not releasing anything during 1988-1992 their sound was developing in new directions.

So, the tracks “Staying Back To Continue The Show“, “Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand“, “Our Name Is Melancholy” are more keyboard oriented.

The song “A Hollow Image Of Fulfilled Desire” has a female singer, so I dare saying there was one more line up change there (the band will use female singers extensively during the 90’s and the 00’s).

With an on growing interest on post punk, dark wave and gothic music, new clubs appeared.

Rebound club opened in Athens the early ’90’s and was followed by the clubs Interzone and Crow that didn’t survive for long.

In 1995 the Dark Sun club opened which along with rebound continue till today playing gothic, EBM and industrial music.

Lately two more clubs were added, Second Skin and Underworld.

It’s funny how the Greek media reacted to the gothic movement.

During the mid ’90’s there were mainstream magazines having articles about the gothic movement and picking up people from the above mentioned clubs for special photo sessions holding swords or lying in coffins.

In the early ’00’s as well as a couple of years ago, some Greek TV channels, following a foolish religious outbreak, made some “special” shows about these clubs.

Of course, these TV shows where ridiculed by the rest Greeks who realised that the tv producers were not serious, as it is stupid to say anything bad about these clubs.

Thousands of kids are having fun over there creating a new music culture and meeting their friends.

Part of that culture are Greek bands such as the Flowers Of Romance, Ding An Sich, Siva Six, Genetic Variation, Blue Birds refuse To Fly, Decode, Past Perfect, South of No North, Metro Decay, Nexus and many more…



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