Compilation nr. 9

20 May

ηχουργείοDo you remember those days, when people were using cassettes ?

Man, all that process we were following….

Choose carefully the right song”.

Press pause quickly cause the next song starts very soon…”

The bands were using them also as demos.

Some, recording some rehearsal or others using studio recordings to find a record label.

There were groups that never released anything more than a cassette and this format was responsible for the “tape movement” during the late ‘80’s early ‘90’s having artists from all around the world exchanging tapes.

I was checking a pile of cassettes the other day and discovered this one: “Ihourgio 9.4” (engl. Sound Maker 9.4 ελλ. Ηχουργείο 9.4).

Ihourgio was (and might still be) a studio for rehearsals.

Probably they came up with the idea of gathering 11 of the bands that were rehearsing there and put together that compilation cassette in 1990.

One thing is very funny here though: Most of the titles are written using mixed English and Greek letters.

I don’t know if that was an inside joke.

I want to believe they did it to save space on the cover of the compilation.

Here one can find a very interesting experimental post punk Spider’s Web track, titled “Let’s Go To The Top”.

But you can read more about band here.

I never heard anything else from most of the rest of the bands.


There is a brilliant 60’s garage cover on the Clash classic track “Brand New Cadillac”.

The band that did that, was the Tortilla Flat and for sure it would be a great hit if that would be released on a CD.

Hammond organ, different beat…it’s a wonderful cover.

It’s a pity for that song to disappear like that …but at least it’s on this cassette.

The bands on the first side are better than the ones on the second one.

They sound more “professional” from the ones on the other side.

Apart from the two that I mentioned, one can listen to the pop band with the good singer, Common Names, the ala Fuzztones garage band Lazy Suns, the post punk band Dorian’s Reunion and the parody funk-rock band Osa Perni o Anergos (they play also the Greek national anthem on the guitar solo).

Dorian's ReunionI have a few informations about only one of these bands, Dorian’s Reunion.

They were formed on March 1990.

Their line-up was Thomas Noutsopoulos-vocals, Giorgos Pandis-guitar and second vox, Dimitris Pantos – bass and second vox and Costas Trikas on the drums.

I think they released a demo with the tracks “Roasted”, “Hermaphrodite” and “Never In Heaven”.

Anyone of course is welcome to fill us in with more informations about any of these bands.

The pop band The Feedback Objects opens the second side and the 70’s classic rock band Q follows.

backThe post rock band comes next, Mnimes Exoristis Polis (engl. Memories of an Exiled City ελλ. Μνήμες Εξόριστης Πόλης) although the post-rock term was not yet…in use.

The pop-rock band Town Criers follows (the members sound really very young) and the compilation ends with a track by the band Sweet Sixties which sound like a greek 60’s pop-rock group with English lyrics and strong accent.

The tracklisting:

Side A

Spider’s Web – Let’s Go To The Top

Common Names – Remember

Lazy Suns – All By Myself

Dorian’s Reunion – Nothing To Play

Tortilla Flat – Brand New Cadillac

Osa Perni O Anergos – Garson

B Side

The Feedback Objects – Something’s Wrong

Q – Now Or Never

Mnimes Exoristis Polis – Himerino

Town Criers – Pregnant of Death

Sweet Sixties – Doubt

Above anything else, this is an other proof of how many bands were active in the late 80’s.

Very few from all those bands of course managed to release albums and singles.

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