New Model Army live in Athens – May 20, 2009

21 May

A friend called me on the phone yesterday to go with him to the New Model Army show at Gagarin club – Athens.

Although I’ve seen them three times in the past, I finaly decided to go…

Mavro-KokkinoI knew the support band only by name: Mavro Kokkino (Black Red).

It’s a new four piece act, formed by ex-members of the groups Versace Widow, Jackie Breaks, Pillow, Matisse and Liarbirds in the past.

They play a nicely crafted post-punk style with Greek lyrics.

The band started around 10 and were welcomed by the audience as the guitar riffs of Stefanos Mitsis made obvious that this guy has something special.

Bass player Stathis Gyftopoulos was in a great day and to be honest, singer/guitar player Thodoris Sourvino’s voice, reminds me a bit of Sting’s when he was with the Police.

Drummer Dimitris Sarrimanolis was allright.

The band played a number of originals for about 40 minutes and were proved to be a good warm up.

You can find more about them here.

New Model Army 20-5-09 (Here comes the War)New Model Army pay Greece a visit every 3 years and every time they come, they cement the band’s reputation as one of the finest live acts in the world.

They went on stage around 11 o’clock and set the club on fire playing a set of their old material including brand new songs concerning the recent Wall Street crash.

Opening track: “Here Comes the War”.

In a few minutes, the audience of 400 followed Sullivan and his gang on a melodic trip through time as bass player Nelson, guitar player Marshall Gill and drummer Michael Dean did their best.

(Dean White looked a bit bored on the keyboards sometimes…but that’s ok)

New Model Army 20-5-09 (Poison Street)All the classic N.M.A. tracks were on their playlist: “Poison Street”, “51st State”, “Frightened”, “Stupid Questions”, “Get Me Out”, “Purity” and a lot more.

With Sullivan stating (on last December’s incidents in Greece) that “these things should happen every now and then”, Hell was broken loose.

Wrong do: took me beer in the mosh pit.

Right do: dragged me mates with me in the mosh pit. (Hurts today, huh fuckers?)

When the 90 minutes set was over, the crowd called the band back for three more songs.

Last song to close the show: “I Love the World”.

53 years old Justin Sullivan still has it.

New Model Army 20-5-09 (51st State)He is passionate but not as aggressive as he was in the past, which doesn’t spoil the fun though.

I also dare saying he looks younger too…(no need to thank me Justin)

In any case, he is a wonderful performer and be sure you’ll have a great time if you choose to attend to a New Model Army show.

Three shows have been confirmed in Germany for June and one in Poland for July.

More infos here.


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3 responses to “New Model Army live in Athens – May 20, 2009

  1. Stathis

    June 16, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    You either didn’t go to the concert, or you don’t have a clue about NMA track titles. They never played frightened nor poison street.

  2. panole8riambos

    June 16, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    I remember attending to the gig…
    Yes, I am sure about that.
    So, I’ll pick the second choice: no clue.

    To be exact, I could fix my mistake when I found the tracklist a couple of days later, on the NMA forum but I decided to leave it as it is.
    A guy from Turkey was surprised I mentioned “Frightened”.
    I guess it was “No Rest”.
    You can still find the playlist there as some people from Bulgaria have the right tracklist…

  3. panagiotis

    July 26, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    As long as I remember the NMA setlist (ordered by album) was as follows:

    Νο Rest

    The Hunt
    51st state

    I Love The World
    Stupid Questions
    Green And Grey
    White Coats

    Get Me Out

    Here Comes The War

    Wonderful Way To Go


    No Mirror No Shadow
    Nothin Dies Easy
    One Of The Chosen

    Today Is A Good Day


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