Beyond the Metro Decay

25 May

metro decayVery few bands in the Greek underground rock history were so influencial by releasing only one album, as Metro Decay.

Their post punk style, along with their pessimistic Greek lyrics left their personal mark on the map of local bands.

They were formed in Athens, in 1981 by the brothers Yannis and Antonis Maniatis (vocals/quitar and drums respectively), bass player Giannis Roditis and keyboard player Costas Mastoris having strong bonds with the bands Yell-O-Yell, South Of No North, Ex-Humans and Anypofori.

(Anypofori’s bass player, George Glynelis, joined them as a session bassist when Roditis left the band to join Magic De Spell but officially they continued as a trio until the end of the recordings of the album – December 1983).

singleThey shared a rehearsing room with Yell-O Yell and their first gig took place at Kyttaro Club in 1982.

Soon after that, they opened for the Australian band Birthday Party during a three day festival at the Sporting basketball arena and signed to Creep Records.

During March 1983, the band recorded their first single “Kimilia/Skies” (engl. Heirlooms/Shadows ελλ. Κειμήλια/Σκιές) which was released through Creep records during the same year.

If someone would like to specify their sound, they were close enough to the English bands Modern English and Wasted Youth.

Metro Decay went back to the studio during November 1983 to record their full length album “Ypervasi” (engl. going beyond ελλ. Υπέρβαση) engineered by the great sound engineer Christos Manolitsis (he engineered the releases of the bands Yell-O-Yell, Film Noir, Flowers Of Romance and others).

Side A

1. Μαύρος Κύκνος

2.Ανάμεσα Σε Δυο Κρεσσέντα

3. Το Ταξίδι

4. Εισαγωγή Στην Κίνηση

5. Απειλή


Side B

1. Παιχνίδια Στην Επιφάνεια

2. Το Πάγωμα Του Πάθους

3. Έβενος

4. Υπέρβαση

5 Λίμπιντο

“Ypervasi” is darker, with a few Cure  elements here and there but in general the band found a personal bitter/sweet sound.

Metro Decay gave their last show in 1987 at An Club, turning their lyrics  to English but they didn’t continue after that.

They announced that they would reform during 2007 but this never happened.

metro decay LPMetro Decay was without a doubt one of the most interesting groups that appeared on the Greek underground scene.

Their two releases are today very rare although some of their tracks were featured in future compilations.


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2 responses to “Beyond the Metro Decay

  1. Θειος

    May 27, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Eirkti records is about to re-release their first single.
    [Eirma02 – Metro Decay “Keimilia (Treasures) / Skies (Shadows)”].This 7″ single will be produced in 800 hand-numbered copies, dressed in a proper sleeve and accompanied by an insert with all necessary info. Out soon , don’t miss it.
    See U!

  2. panole8riambos

    May 27, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Thanks for the information.
    How’s that huh ? One more Greek ’80’s underground record to be re-released.
    Great !
    Thanks mate.


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