Baby steps to a new era vol. X

28 May

Ex Humans live 1984Well, things were not all “sugar and spice” in the Greek punk rock circles during the early ‘80’s.

It wasn’t a non-stop party at all.

I guess, though, shit happens everywhere and people go bananas.

I remember one particular night there were these kids trying to make a freaked-out pill-popping friend of theirs shut up in the toilet of a club.  All this was taking place while cops were raiding the club and Ex Humans were playing a song on stage about pigs and cops etc…

Youth is a period of time in human life which is full of sensitivities.

It’s the “holy shit” period…

The “outside” world is new, bitter and harmful when you’re a teenager.

Heartbroken, feeling different, with family problems, un-employment, outcast, betrayed, with no future, living on the edge…

Some kids can’t handle it while others fight back and carry on.

Happens to all countries no matter the religion or the color of the skin.

You don’t have to get involved with punk rock or heavy metal or some other kind of music to get all that.

You get these feelings anyways…

Fuck, huh ?

Well, you are reading this, so…I guess you know what I mean…

If we could just control our feelings and be less self-destructive while we were teenagers, maybe lots of absent friends would be with us right now.

Music is always a good way to express all that shit a teenager holds inside.

The more you get pissed, the more violent your music comes out.

That’s the spirit.

Revolting teenagers means healthy teenagers within a sick society.

People have all the time in the world to be stupified when they grow up.

By the way, did you like the Black Flag ?

Ex HumansCause, I remember Yiannis Trombetas had a Black Flag sticker on his Rickenbacker bass.

His band, the Ex Humans, was probably the first hardcore punk rock band in Greece.

The band was formed in Athens, initially by the name Guillotines,and had a few gigs by that name before changing it to Soldiers of Anarchy.

Sometimes they were jamming with R.R. Hearse,  and you now have a little snippet from one night in 1983.

R.R. Hearse joined them for awhile when they were called Soldiers of Anarchy.

You can read a story about that here.

They finally settled on the name Ex Humans.

The line up of that trio was:  Yiannis Trombetas – bass, Giorgos “Havoc” Alevras – vocals/guitar and Fivos Pergaliotis on the drums.

Their songs were antimilitaristic, or about the nuclear holocaust, and in general they were dealing with social matters.

Ex Humans liveEx Humans were supported by the whole Athenian punk rock movement since they were very friendly and very helpful to the rest of the bands, sharing their rehearsal room and their instruments (not the Rickenbacker bass though).

Their base camp was in the Galatsi area and they were usually hanging around Halepa Square, which became the HQ of a punk rock group of people called Halepades.

Nothing dangerous though, since there were also members from other bands in that group of people and their aim was to follow Ex Humans to their gigs or to any other punk rock gig in the city.

In 1983 they released a 4 track cassette and when the compilation LP “Diataraxi Kinis Isixias” was released in 1984, they participated with the songs “Aftoktonia se argi kinisi” (engl. Suicide in slow motion ελλ. Αυτοκτονια Σε Αργη Κίνηση) and “Ektyflotiki Lampsi” (engl. Blinding Shine ελλ. Εκτυφλωτική Λάμψη).

the albumTwo members from the band Anypofori joined them in the studio, Giorgos Demelos and Giorgos Glynelis for these recordings and the forthcoming gigs.

(In general, Glynelis was considered one of the top musicians in the Greek punk rock scene. You can find him playing also with Metro Decay…)

Their one and only LP titled “Anofeli Epiviosi” (engl. Survival without a cause ελλ. Ανώφελη Επιβίωση) was released in 1984.

Although the album received great reviews by the Greek music press, the band decided to split a little later, leaving behind them this album as a landmark for the Greek punk rock scene.

Pergaliotis joined the band South of No North while Alevras, Trombetas and guitar player Giorgos Giannopoulos formed the H/C band Abolish Authority.

(Giannopoulos would later become a sax teacher…).

Trombetas and Alevras formed the band Velocity in 1998.



2 responses to “Baby steps to a new era vol. X

  1. johnny-diomedes

    July 17, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Ι’ m Johnny Trobetas from Ex-Humans, thanx for the storu and your comments you gave me a nice flash back with all these now i’ playing with Velocity most of these in higher speeds. Thanx again.

  2. panole8riambos

    July 18, 2012 at 5:19 am

    Thank you very much for your comment Johnny. Best of luck with your new band…


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