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Days Of Future Passed vol. 7

We posted about R.R. Hearse a couple of times in the past.

The blog Tape Recorder posted the one and only release of that project for free downloading, here.

It is a very rare cassette that was released in 1985.

We post here today one more video taken by the Opticoacoustic Bomb VHS compilation that was released in 1992.

One more vid can be found here.

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Fun Video Day

It’s a lazy, hazy Saturday … completely braindead … and in search of mindless entertainment …

Here’s a video of how 1,500+ CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines spend their days.  This isn’t the completed version and we do hope you enjoy the teaser.

And if your Saturday is as lazy as mine has been, thus far, here’s a 20 minute documentary of the prisoners at the maximum security prison of Cebu.  They are considered the most dangerous offenders in the Philippines … murderers, rapists, violent drug criminals … but because of the four hours they dedicate to dancing each day, their behaviour has been transformed.

“Previously, Cebu prison was a wretched place ruled by rival gangs. But when the warden introduced dance lessons, everything changed. ‘Everyone became friends’.  Now the prisoners spend most of the day practising new routines.”

Produced by SBS/Dateline
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

Sending you our wishes for a relaxing and humorous weekend!

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Sky Saxon

Sky “Sunlight” Saxon (born Richard Marsh) who was best known as the leader of the 1960’s Los Angeles band The Seeds, is no longer with us.

 He died yesterday,  June 25, 2009.

Sky Saxon was hospitalized since last Thursday in an Austin, Texas hospital with what doctors suspected was an infection of the internal organs, but the cause of death has not yet been released.

On her Facebook page, his wife, Sabrina, announced his death as follows: “Sky has passed over and YaHoWha is waiting for him at the gate. He will soon be home with his Father. I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep him here with us. More later. I’m sorry.”

He was reported to be 63 years old..

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Michael Jackson – Part II

UPDATED:  7:40 pm (EST)

Confirmed reports are in now … Michael Jackson has been pronounced dead. 

Regardless of any allegations made over the years, I put my personal feelings aside and pay tribute to a man who had made a huge impact on the music industry.  We all grew up watching him and being entertained by the brilliance of his musical talent.

So, I bow my head, I raise my glass high for the second time today and third time this week (Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett), and wish Mr. Jackson Godspeed with peace and serenity.

I’ll end this post with a clip from my favorite “Jackson” era … when times were simplier and life was grand.  He truly was talented …


@ 22:30:

Unconfirmed reports coming in that Michael Jackson has died. 

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Michael Jackson

A strange day, indeed…

Reports coming in over the wires that Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing in his home.  Official reports at the moment have listed that the singer was in cardiac arrest with no further details of his condition being reported at this time.  Patient confidentiality laws prohibit the hospital from releasing any further information, but … I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before some “un-official” reports come in.

According to paramedics, Jackson was revived prior to transport.

Will let you know as more details come thru.

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Farrah Fawcett

Very sad news coming over the wires right now …

Well-known icon Farrah Fawcett (Charlie’s Angels, The Burning Bed) has lost her three-year battle with cancer. She died moments ago at 9:28 am (Pacific) with long-time love Ryan O’Neal (Love Story) and best friend Alana Stewart (ex-wife of George Hamilton and Rod Stewart) by her hospital bedside.

Farrah Fawcett

MSNBC recently aired a very poignant video documentary of her struggle with cancer.  Just two days ago Ryan announced that he and Farrah would finally tie the knot after a 28-year relationship.  They are the parents of Redmond O’Neal who also appeared in the documentary.

Godspeed, Miss Fawcett .. may you finally be painfree after an extremely courageous fight.

Biography – HERE

Updated News – HERE

Details and clip from her recent documentary, “Farrah’s Story” – HERE

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A new snack by Baby Trio

baby_trioGeorge Kontrafouris is one of the top Greek Jazz musicians. He was born in Athens in 1967, studied classical piano but at the age of 16 he switched to jazz music.

He was the founding member of the jazz band “Page One“, and later joined the bands  “Exit” and “Houston Pearson Quartet“.

He worked with many international musicians, such as: Arild Andersen, Carey Bell, Bob Brozman, Carla Cook, Keith Copeland, Wayne Dockery, Stepko Gut, Marc McDonald, Markus Stockhausen, Louisiana Red, Andy Shepard and participated in many recordings.

After releasing three solo albums,  he formed Baby Trio along with two very young but talented musicians, guitar player Alexandros Vichos and drummer Vangelis Kotzabasis.


  1. The Insane Attack of the Komodo Waran
  2. 5 to 7
  3. 3. Daddy Giorgos

a_new_snackOn this mini CD of theirs, titled “A New Snack”, Kontrafouris continues exploring the world of Hammond organ like he did on his album “Little Daddy’s Blues” (which was released through Tony Monaco’s record label Chicken Coop)

These three great Greek jazz musicians released in 2008 a limited edition CD (777 copies) of groovy jazz which is close enough to the style of Mel Rhyne and Jimmy Smith.

More about mr. Kontrafouris can be found here

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