Spreading the Serpentine

01 Jun

serpentineIt might sound weird to those who have no idea about the Greek indie rock scene, but in some Greek cities an indie sound is in development lately.

One such city is Patras, that during the last years saw the band Raining Pleasure enjoying national acceptance.

Lots of bands emerged from this city soon after their success, following the same pop music style as Raining Pleasure.

Serpentine was one of them.

Serpentine was a band from the city of Patras that was formed in 2001 by three university students.

Influenced by the Brit pop groups of the ‘80’s and late ‘90’s, Thanasis Christodoulou –vocals, guitar, piano, Dimitris Markou – bass, b’ vox, and Yiannis Matsoukas – drums, managed to play a few gigs and release a 4 track EP titled “City Closed for Now”.

In 2002 their track, ”Thrown Away”, was featured in the compilation “Mad Athens Presents Pop Scene 01“, and about a year later the same song was again featured in the compilation “Patras Sound System” along with one more song of theirs, titled “Getting Better”.

They opened for Giardini di Miro, Lanterna, Michael Gira and I was lucky enough t see them on stage and have a good time with their tracks.

To me they sounded a lot like the early Echo & the Bunnymen that night.

city_closed_for_nowTheir EP “City Closed For Now” was given away for free in February 2007, and it featured the same titled track, “The Pray”, “Word of Μouth” and “Midnight Runaway Special”.

The band decided to call it a day in March 2007 and the members joined other local bands:

Christodoulou formed the band The Surprising Reaction of Victor Lazlo, Markou joined Abbie Gale and Matsoukas is playing with My Wet Calvin.

Here are a couple of vids of the above mentioned bands:


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2 responses to “Spreading the Serpentine

  1. giousurum

    June 1, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Hi there… Serpentine was (and still is) one of our favorites Greek indie bands… Unfortunately they no longer exist L and their (really good and almost ready LP will never be released LL. We were honor by Dimitris (markou) and Yiannis (Matsoukas) as they send us a video from one of their lives. (if you would like to see it please visit )
    and gave us a really interesting interview. Maybe the last one refered to Serpentine 😦 (more @

    p.s I hope not to be misjudged for giving links to our blog. This was done only due to give more infos about a great (our opinion) greek band….

  2. sinnaa

    June 1, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Quite the contrary, giousurum. 🙂 .. The whole reason behind the very beginnings of the tribe4mian blog was to bring to the forefront all those long-forgotten bands. There are so many (of us) who were shielded from the world of the Hellenic music scene, and for us, it’s the first time we are hearing of so many great artists of days gone by. For others who had the privilege of hearing these same bands, it’s a trip down memory lane. Filling in as much information as possible on these bands, both of yesteryear and of today, is a tribute to each and every one of them.

    We strongly encourage anyone with unknown bits of information to write them in for us and our readers. And whenever there is an omission or an error (oh my!) .. then please, by all means, correct us!!!

    I (we) thank you for taking the time to add the additional information and links, giousurum. Because of the dedication of so many who take the time to spread the news, the music will never die.

    Kalo mhna, kai happy blogging! 😉


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