It’s Schoolwave time again…

02 Jun

As new generations of teachers are working now in Greek schools, things changed a lot.

There are many open-minded people teaching the Greek youth nowadays, and for sure a great number of them were involved in some rock’n’roll band in the past.

Schoolwave is a music festival for school bands that started in 2005 with great success.

Thanks to their independent minds, the students soon managed to keep out any unwanted interfearance.

It’s an event which is organised by the “Schooligans”, a team consisting of teachers and students and it is promoted by newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.

Every year, at the end of June, rock, metal, pop, hip-hop, punk, ska-punk and traditional music groups are gathered in Athens from all around Greece for this three day festival.

About 250 bands send their demos every year and 81 of them are picked for auditions.

In the end, 21 of them make it to the big stage to play live in front of an audience of 20.000.

It’s important that all accommodations and transportation expenses are covered by the organizers.

In 2008, 90 out of 250 bands were heavy metal.

During the festival, students take part in many parallel activities, such as graffiti, skate, bmx shows, breakdance, hip-hop dance etc.

Since  2007, the festival has acquired an international character.

School bands from Europe are now invited to join in.

All European school bands that are interested in participating in
Schoolwave 2010 (Tribe4mian came a little late to inform about 2009…) should fill out an application form that can be found on this myspace profile.

A demo of two songs by post or by e-mail is needed.
For further information click here.

The official site of Schooligans can be found here.  

The 21 bands of  Schoolwave 2009  are:

1. Again (Rock) – Katerini
2. Bleeze (Rock) – Athens / Holargos
3. Blue Jazz Fiction (jazz) – Volos
4. Deckstand (Pop/ Punk) – Athens/Papagou
5. Domino (Greek rock) – Alexandroupoli
6. Eva & Adam’s Garden (Alternative rock) – Athens / Polygono
7. Foolstop (Alternative/ Hard rock) – Athens / Holargos
8. Forever ‘n’ a Day (Metalcore/ Screamo) – Thessaloniki
9. Hate (Thrash/ Death metal) – Athens / Aghios Stefanos
10. Headshot (Metal) – Athens / Peristeri
11. Kool A’ Shake (Funk/ Rock) – Athens
12. Lost (Pop/ Punk) – Patras
13. Layik (Metal) – Piraeus
14. Los Mujeros (Jazz/ Blues) – Ptolemaida
15. Lost for Words (Ska/ Reggae) – Athens / Marousi
16. Mestoral (Death metal) – Kavala
17. Parafernelia (Gamoxristo rock ‘n’ roll) – Thessaloniki
18. Ripped Kilts (Kilt punk/ Hardcore) – Athens / Marousi
19. 6 O’ Funk (Funk/ Rock) – Veria
20. Vietnow (Rapcore) – Corinthos
21. With all of My Regrets (ex-MUTT 37) (New wave/ Screamo) –
Athenas / Marousi

The festival will take place at Theatro Vrahon on the 3rd, 4rth and 5th of July.

All 81 bands will perform on the Schoolwave tour around Greece during the forthcoming winter.

Most of the information given above are taken from the schoolwave profile on myspace.

Good luck and have fun!

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One response to “It’s Schoolwave time again…

  1. Pantelis Babadelis

    April 27, 2010 at 10:31 am

    I’m looking for contact information about someone I sae on your website that may be my nephew. Hie name is Vaggelis Babadelis. If you have any information on how to cintact him please send it.
    Thank you
    Pantelis Babadelis


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