A walk in Secret Gardens

03 Jun

Mistiki KipiMistiki Kipi” (engl. Secret Gardens ελλ. Μυστικοί Κήποι) was a mini album released by the Athenian band Lefki Symfonia (engl. White Symphony ελλ. Λευκή Συμφωνία) in 1986.

A detailed post about the band can be found here.

 Although it was the debut of the group, it was released through EMI/Greece.

I think it was the first Greek post-punk album to be released through a major label and created immediate sensation.

 Dark wave music with pessimistic Greek lyrics, identified this four piece act that became the top Greek band of the mid 80’s.

With heavy rotation on the radio , many gigs and tv appearances, “Mistiki Kipi” became a landmark for the Greek rock scene and most of all, for the Greek dark wave.

Their line-up on this album was: Thodoros Dimitriou – vocals, Takis Barbagalas – guitars, Diogenis Hatzistefanidis – bass and Spyros Harisis on the drums.


A Side

Μυστικοί Κήποι (engl. Secret Gardens)

Η Βροχή Πέφτει Δυνατά (engl. Heavy Rain)

Λευκό Φώς (engl. White Light)


B Side

Νεκροί Άγγελοι (engl. Dead Angels)

Ένα Μέρος Να Κρυφτώ (engl. A Place to Hide Myself)

Ποιός Θα Διώξει Μακρυά Τη Θλίψη (engl. Who Will Sent Sadness Away)

Secret Gardens” and “Heavy Rain” follow that classic dark wave path of the ‘80’s and these would be the songs that will lift Lefki Symfonia to a cult status.

I think Albert Camus’s, “L’Étranger” was Dimitriou’s principal influence when he  was writing the lyrics of “Heavy Rain” but apart of that, Barbagalas did a wonderful job on the guitar solo.

Thankfully I found a vid of this track.

Surreal lyrics about love and death are spread in every track of the album and “Dead Angels” makes no exception.

I was trying to think of a sound production that was close to this album’s production when the next song, “A Place to Hide Myself”, hit me.

The production reminds me of the Bauhaus and Joy Division albums.

The album was re-released in 1994 by Warner Music featuring five bonus tracks:

re-releaseΜυστικοί Κήποι – live (engl. Secret Gardens)

Η Βροχή Πέφτει Δυνατά – live (engl. Heavy Rain)

Ένα Μέρος Να Κρυφτώ – live (engl. A Place to Hide Myself)

Πολύ Μακριά – demo (engl. Far Away)

Το Φεγγαρι Αιμοραγει – demo (engl. The Moon is Bleeding)

The band would go on releasing albums but would never return to the sound of “Mistiki Kipi” which by the way, influenced a lot of Greek post punk bands with Greek lyrics.

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