The perfumed dreams of Poly Quartet

15 Jun

Poly_QuartetI spent the last week teasing some friends of mine by sending them links to jazz videos.

In general I like fusion jazz more than the standard one.

Ok, some times I like standard jazz too.

Depends on the mood I guess…

For about 20 years now, I’ve been a fan of ECM Records.

If you don’t know ECM, I would suggest you to make a search on the internet.

Greece has a lot of great jazz musicians.

Great drummers, bass players, piano players or guitarists that worth checking if you like jazz.

During this weekend I was listening to the album “Perfumed Dreams” of the Greek jazz band Poly Quartet.

As it became obvious from this very blog, I am not a jazz expert but I have to admit that their tracks were a great soundscape for these two afternoons I spent  listening to them.

I was lucky enough to find the opening track of the album on youtube:

Poly Quartet is a four piece act (…it’s a quartet…you know…) formed by drummer Sotiris Ntouvas, piano player Kostas Yaxoglou, trumpet player Andreas Polyzogopoulos and bassist Vasilis Stefanopoulos.

The four of them were met in Holland during their studies and decided to form the band after playing with several “multi.-ethnic” bands…

All the songs of this album were written by Andreas Polyzogopoulos and have a powerful and melancholic touch guiding the listener to a dreamy world.

You can enjoy their music here and if you like them, you can order this album through amazon.

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