The world of Coti K.

19 Jun

One thing we have to admit is that there are not many good producers in Greece.

This is because being a “producer” in this country is not a profession.

By the Greek law , the producer of an album is the person that pays for the release of the album.

Apart from that, most of the Greek underground rock musicians want to produce their albums exactly the way they imagine it, so a producer is not needed.

Coti K.But for those who believed that a good producer was needed, Coti K. was proved to be the perfect one.

Coti was born in Milan-Italy in 1966 as Costantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos and moved to Greece at the age of 6, where, better known as Coti or Coti K., has been involved in various Athenian pioneering electronic bands since the mid eighties.

He first started, as a bass player, in the mid ‘80’s with the dark experimental band Ricochet, joined Film Noir for their “Portrait of the Child” album and developed an interest on the electronic side of music.

He played later with the bands Dada Data, Raw, Spiders’ Web and In Trance 95.

I also consider Coti as the 4rth member of the band Stereo Nova.

A secret member may I say.

Coti developed a good name as a studio sound engineer and turned into a record producer to work with the Tuxedomoon, Stereo Nova, Flowers Of Romance, Sigmatropic,  Blaine Reininger, Bokomolech, The Raining Pleasure, Nikos Veliotis, Ilios and others.

As a musician, he developed a personal style to express his interest on environmental sounds, city noises, industrial music, deep minimalism and ambient, partly influenced by artists such as Erik Satie, Harold Bud, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian.

He appeared on stage playing live electronics with many musicians including Evan Parker, Phil Durrant, Nikos Veliotis, Rhodri Davies, Andrea Neumann, Phill Niblock, Mark Wastell, Matt Davis and others.

Film Noir feat. Coti K.He participated in Film Noir’s album “Portrait of the Child” in 1992 and in In Trance 95 album “Warm Nights” by the same year.

Two more album participations in 1992, the same-titled of Stereo Nova and in Raw’s “Land”.

It was then when Coti K. started releasing his solo compositions.

His first track was featured in the compilation album “Random Relations” on Elfish Records and a year later his music was featured again in one more Elfish Records compilation, “Crash”.

He participated in Stereo Nova’s “Discolata” album in 1993 and Raw’s album “City” (Giannis Papaioannou, the leader of the electronic/experimental band Raw, was the owner of Elfish Records).

Coti worked for the last time with Stereo Nova on the album “Asyrmatos Kosmos” in 1994 and by this year he released his first solo EP titled “Theros” (engl. Summer ελλ. Θέρος).

Since then, he released 4 CD albums: “Quasi” (1997) “Lego” (1999) “Metamemoria” (2002) and the double CD, “Lido/Lato” in 2004 as well as the EP “La Gru Gialla” in 2002.

Metamemoria“Metamemoria” was his first album to be released from a foreign label and is a tour de force of deep minimalism and ambient warmth.

The album is featuring collaborations with members of  American legendary band Tuxedomoon and features also the EP track ‘La Gru Gialla’.

Through the years, Coti and Tuxedomoon developed strong bonds.

He worked as producer, engineer or mixer on the Tuxedomoon albums “Bardo Hotel” and “Cabin in the Sky” as well as Blaine Reininger’s ( the band’s leading figure) “The more I learn, the less I know” .

Coti also collaborated with Blaine Reininger on the CD, “Uneasy Listening” in 2004.

Since 1999 he started writing music for Theatrical plays, TV advertisement and films.

DunungIn 2008Coti K. released his 5th solo album titled “Dunung”.

10 minimal piano compositions that were recorded at Tinos Island and are reflecting the sun and the smell of the Aegean sea with a touch of Keith Jarrett.

You can order it from here

Coti is one of those musicians that during the last 25 years took the sound of the Greek underground scene a step ahead.

Thanks to his creative ideas, his interest in experimenting with music and his ability to manipulate the sounds the Greek electronic scene would never be the same.

You can visit his myspace profile by clicking here.

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