The Syndromo syndrome

24 Jun

syndromoI have to admit that I witnessed only once in my life the funk rock band of Syndromo.

I wrote about that time on this post. They were playing with Mousikes Taxiarhies and were both supported by the Soldiers of Anarchy (and some other band by the name Psychovgaltes).

Formed in 1980 by singer/guitar player Nikos Ginnis, the band had the following line up on their first album: Nikos Ginnis vocals/guitars, Vasilis Korovesis guitars/percussions, Panos “Chiko” Katsakiotis drums and percussions, Costas Theodorakos on the bass and percussionist Costas “Coco” Eftathiou.

Their sound was close enough to that of Mousikes Taxiarhies (engl. Music Brigades ελλ. Μουσικές Ταξιαρχίες) but Sundromo were a lot more funky.

In any case, this was a band that unfortunately came about 5-10 years late as their sound would fit great in the early/mid 70’s but not in the early ’80’s.

They released only one album titled “Syndromo” through Vertigo, which came out with a bonus 7” single in 1982.

The tracklist of the album:

A Side

1.Stis Anagkis ton Apanthropo Rythmo

2. Panta Monos

3. Τi Thes Na Kano ?

4. Skorpios Skopos

5. Xeneroma


B Side

1. Rizes

2. Rebela Zise To Rock

3. Ιos

4. Fatses Sto Avrio

5. Vlepo Na Hanis

album coverThe bonus single had “Agapi mou Iro” on the first side and the track “Rihno Psema, Psofio Thema” which was recorded live, on the flipside.

My humble opinion is that sometimes the band appeared to be influenced by Frank Zappa. Some other times, by the Rollin Stones….

The song “Rihno Psema, Psofio Thema” is one of these moments but on the other hand, to be honest, it’s a great track.

It catches the atmosphere of the band on stage.

The album had some very nice songs, like the track “Rebela Zise To Rock” (which reminds me of the Rolling Stones of the late ‘60’s-early ‘70’s) and “Ios” which finds the band members in great shape.

Although the sound production is not great, the album probably had great sales.

On the other hand, the band was very active, being constantly on the road and the audience was thirsty for Greek rock bands.

In general, “Syndromo” represents the Greek “anarcho-hippy” spirit of the late ‘70’s/early 80’s.

After the release, Antonis Loxas (I think he played with Vanakos for a while and also released a solo album later) replaced their drummer Katsakiotis and bass player Giorgos Kaliviotis replaced Costas Theodorakos.

With this line up they released in 1983 a 12” EP with with English lyrics.

Actually, only the track “You”  which was on the first side had lyrics.

Rizes” on the second side was an instrumental but very interesting track as it was close enough to David Byrne’s works.

The last time that Syndromo had an other release was in 1988 when a compilation of live recordings of 30 Greek artists came out featuring their track “To stigma tis stigmis”.

The title of the compilation was “Ihi tou himona” (engl. Sounds of the winter ελλ. Ηχοι του Χειμώνα)

I found yesterday a photo of Nikos Ginis  on this blog.

It’s about the making of a documentary and Nikos looks absolutely great.

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    March 16, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    an 8elete na steilete tragoudia oste na yparxoun sto diadiktio kai na ta katebazoun filoi ths rock steilte se mail se morfh mp3 edv –> kai 8a anarti8oun sto blog mas


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