Septic Flesh – Communion

09 Jul

communion coverAs I mentioned a few times in the past, the Greek metal bands are the most successful ones over the Greek borders today.

Two of them are selling thousands of albums all around the world, touring here and there: Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh.

I was reading today that Septic Flesh were on a U.S. tour along with Cradle Of Filth and Satyricon during January and February 2009.

Cool…I wasn’t aware of that…

I followed a link to their official site  to discover that the band will perform again on August 22 at Belgium’s “Metal Mean Festival” and on September 12 at the city of Lamia  – “Therino Theater Lamias”.

Since January 15th to February 28th, 2009 Cradle Of Filth, Satyricon and Septic Flesh, played at: Sayreville, Worcester, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Cleveland, Indianapolis (Septicflesh ONLY), Detroit , Milwaukee , Chicago, Minneapolis, Englewood, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Modesto, (Septicflesh ONLY), San Francisco , LA , Anaheim, San Diego, Las Vegas, Arizona, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Spartanburg (Septicflesh ONLY) , Asheville, Norfolk , Baltimore and  New York.

I wonder if they had the time for sightseeing…

Septic Flesh were formed in Athens during 1990 to release their first mini LP “Temple of the Lost Race” on December 1991.

Their first full length album was released during 1994 titled “Mystic Places of Dawn“.

In 1995 they released “Esoptron” which was to be followed by “Ophidian Wheel” in May 1997.

Here one can find Lambros Sfyris on the chair of co-producer.

Sfyris was no other but the singer/keyboard player of the Greek band Erevos.

Sfyris returned t co-produce with the band, the album “A Fallen Temple” which was released on March 1998.

Recruiting Natalie Rassoulis for the backing vocals in 1998, the band shot the video of the song “The Eldest Cosmonaut“.

During October 1999 Septic Flesh released the album “Revolution DNA” which was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom.

Sumerian Deamons” was released in 2003 featuring 13 tracks.

It would be the last album of the band that took a break after that for 5 years.

In 2008, Septic Flesh returned with a new album,  titled “Communion”…so, that’s why they are touring for almost a year now…

The album was announced album of the month  for “Rock Hard” (France),  album of the trimester for “Metallian” (France) best album for “Hard Rock” (France), succeeded a 9/10 on “Terrorizer” magazine (UK) and the list goes on and on….

During 2009 they also played at Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Helsinki, Oslo, Kiev, Vana-Vigala, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus and Moldavia.

So, it’s been a busy year for Septic Flesh.

Unfortunately the Greek TV is focused on the local bouzouki artists instead of informing the people about these rock bands that travel around the world playing their music and getting signed to foreign music record labels…

For those out there that don’t know it by now, Greece is not only bouzouki and syrtaki dance….


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  1. GiwrgosKoklas

    May 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Listen hellas Metal!


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