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tapeAnti were an Athenian rock band that formed in 1980 as part of the original wave of Greek punk rock.  

They were not using guitars or drums at all.

For most of their recording career, Anti consisted of  Costas Aggelidis (lead vocals, keyboards), Dimitris Diplas (bass) and Costas Panagopoulos (keyboards).

During the 80’s, the band participated in several compilations, such as “Sintagi Anti Thanatou” in 1986, “Fragmenta” in 1990.

Anti left behind a split album with the hardcore band Kinonika Apovlita that was released in 1990 and had the title “Anti

Their politicized Greek lyrics and musical experimentation can also be found on the tape compilations of “Chaos Zine 1 Punks Not Dead” (1992), “Greek H.C. Punk” (1993), “Rock Istories No.2“.

Lately, I received this nice vid of the band, through a couple of friends:

More about Anti can be found here.

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