September & Common Party – live September 12 2009

13 Sep

Common PartyLast night we had the good fortune to attend the gig of the Greek band September.

The gig was held at “After Dark” live club, right in the centre of Athens, at Exarchia district.  The evening had two different musical aspects.

The opening act was a very promising Greek post-punk band going by the name Common Party.

Common Party is a three piece act formed in 2006, which is influenced by bands such as Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Christian Death as well as others.

They played their own well-crafted tracks, and I‘ve listed here a couple of titles that I especially remember, “Insomnia”, “Young and Beautiful”.  They also played two covers, “Hurt” by NIN ala Johnny Cash and “Temple of Love” by the Sisters of Mercy.

This trio’s members are: singer/bass player Michalis, guitar player Pantelis and drummer Vangelis.

They haven’t released a CD yet but we hope they have something out soon cause it’s a great band and everybody in the audience liked them a lot.

We found the following video on YouTube which has nothing to do with yesterday’s performance but will give you an idea about the band..

For those of you that want to drop them a line or listen to their stuff, visit their MySpace profile here.

Common Party were on stage for about an hour and after a short break, September took over.

This is a five piece act that initially started as a Greek lyric band by the name “Etsi Ki Allios”and released a nine track CD in 1999 and shortly thereafter transformed themselves into an English lyric prog-rock band with the name September.

In 2002 they released the album “2 smiles ago” with the line up Sotiris Pomonis – guitars, Loukas Panourgias – vocals, Theo Botinis – bass, Giannis Dimoulas – drums/vocals, Renos Miliaris – keyboards/piano.

The following is the video from their hit song, “Guns for Lovin’”, from the “2 smiles ago” CD, with the band’s original line up:

Each one of these musicians comes with a great musical background..

Pomonis studied jazz improvisation and then studied at the “Musicians Institute of London”.  Upon Sotiris’ return to Hellas, his former band, “Etsi Ki Allios” reunited.  During this same period, he began teaching at several music schools and also worked as a session musician with many “major artists” of Greece.  Sotiris currently teaches at the “Conservatory of Musical Praxis”, is a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

Botinis was a member of the bandsThe Flowers Of Romance, “Make My Day” and “The Down Town Beat” which gave him the reputation of a real “Groove Maker”. 

Teaming up for a songwriting duet with Stavros Mouflouzelis, they released three instrumental CDs under the name “Les Ombres”, and experimented with New Age, Acid, and Ethnic music.  Theo joined September in 1998.  He recently joined the Conservatory of Musical Praxis and is a member of the “Registry of Guitar Tutors”.

Dimoulas joined September in 2002 and has played with several Greek artists. For the past three years he’s a member of the flamenco group Flamenco Aire, which is perhaps the only one in Greece. He is currently teaching drums at the Municipal Music School of Ag. Barbara. He is an active participant of Baiyuan Tongbei Quan, which is one of the more obscure and eclectic styles of Northern Chinese boxing.

Miliaris, who joined the band in 1996, holds a degree in Music Harmony and Counterpoint and has attended several seminars in France on Live Performance of Modern Piano and Conduction of Music Ensembles.  He also works with other Greek artists and teaches piano and music theory at the “Conservatory of Musical Praxis”. 

Between the release of “2 smiles ago” and yesterday’s gig, Dimitris Koskinas replaced Loukas Panourgias on vocals and brought an exceptional and raw change, as well as adding one more guitar in the band’s arsenal.

Koskinas works as a Choir teacher at “School of Musical Praxis” as well as in many other Choirs in the Athens region.

September - Live @ After Dark Sept. 12 2009It is obvious from the band members’ bios, that a high quality performance took place in front of our eyes.

The high energy stage performance of Koskinas and Pomonis was clearly evident with each one playing side by side, edging the other into a more powerful explosion of sound and passion.

Bass and drums were vibrant with the beat pounding within you while the keyboards were breathing a dreamy atmosphere into the songs.

 They played tracks from the already released CD, like “Guns for Lovin’”, “Sirens”, “Another But” as well as new tracks from their forthcoming new CD and a cover of Pink Floyd’s, “Comfortably Numb”.

You can visit their MySpace profile here or their official site.

So the night was amazing and the interaction from the bands with audience left everyone feeling that the night should have continued longer.

Unfortunately as with all good things an end must be made and we leave you with the links to the bands.

                                                                          (Thanks for the photos Bellybutton Man)



2 responses to “September & Common Party – live September 12 2009

  1. bellybutton man

    September 13, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    it was really a very nice gig,with two very good greek bands.wish to have them again in the future.
    keep on rockin’guys.

  2. panagiotis

    September 21, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    I have been in a September gig recently, (I think it was June :p). It is a quite interesting band with great music! I think “Sirens” is an excellent song.


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