J. Kriste, Master of Disguise – Girls, Ghosts and Gods

25 Sep

album coverTo be honest, somebody told me that this is a neo-folk album, so I expected to listen to something close to Current 93 or Death in June but he was wrong.

This album was released in Cyprus on May 20 2008 and now is coming out in the Greek market also.

This is not a neo-folk album but an avant-garde one.

Treesong”, the opening track is a mixture of English folk music and prog rock.

There is a strong flavor of King Crimson, Jethro Tull and some early Genesis put in it.

Acoustic guitars, mandolin, violins and cello player Yiorgos Kaloudis, create an unexpected pagan atmosphere.

A ballad follows by the title “This stream”.

For sure now, the listener is diving in a melancholic ocean that J. Kriste (aka Lefteris Moumtzis) is creating with his songs.

Ruth Hill’s kanun is building up the Middle Eastern atmosphere of the great “Queen of the Moon

Well known Greek musicians are participating in this album, like Manolis Famellos who is playing the mandolin on the dreamy track “Mariposita”, Alkinoos Ioannidis who is playing soprano, alto, tenor, bass, contrabass, lute on the psychedelic track “Prayer” and “Duke (Great Ungiver)”.

I have to admit that I fell in love with one song of this album.

It’s the track “Pretty Young Thing” which has a touch of Nine Inch Nails when it starts which evolves into some kind of early 70’s bluesy tune (with an ala Robert Fripp guitar solo…).

Singer and founding member of London based band “Masters of Disguise”, Lefteris Moumtzis, returned to Cyprus during last year, to record this 12 track album that will be highly appreciated by the fans of prog and psychedelic rock.

I have to add here one more thing: great artwork.

The tracklist

  1. Treesong
  2. This stream
  3. Queen of the Moon
  4. Young Girl
  5. Mother Dear
  6. Pretty Young Thing
  7. Interlude
  8. Mariposita
  9. Duke (Great Ungiver)
  10. Keeper of Joy
  11. Prayer
  12. Godly Gift
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