This is the Moist Device

30 Sep

Six Days (don’t make a week) / Youth Can Never Die” was the only release of the short lived Athenian band Moist Device.

It was a 7” single released in 500 copies, through the indie record label “Enigma” (same label released the Ex Humans album as well as the punk rock compilation “Diataraxi Kinis Isyxias”).

The band was formed in 1985 by singer/guitar player Giannis Kostovasilis, bass player Giorgos Pipinis, keyboard player Giorgos Drakopoulos, drummer Stefanos Larentzakis and sax player Tasos Katsaris.

(Drakopoulos and Larentzakis were former members of the band “Horis Peridereo” who had a couple of releases).

Thanks to their well structured songs and great stage performance, they soon managed to gain the attention of the underground audience but they split after the release of the single.

Pipinis followed Drakopoulos to the band  “Venericna Bolest” but one can also find Drakopoulos in the line up of the punk rock band “Genia tou Chaous”.

Kotsaris joined “Libido Blume” and Larentzakis joined for a while the band “Koubotripes A.E.

You can find the band on MySpace here.

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