Mani Deum and Glimmer Void

28 Dec

I guess the big thing this week is the forthcoming “Dark Days Festival II” which will close the year 2009.

I posted in the past any available information for bands such as Past Perfect, Split Image and New Zero God so, today I will write about Mani Deum and Glimmer Void.

Both will be on stage on the first day and both have available releases.

Mani Deum is a 7 piece act that was formed at Corfu island during 2005.

Influenced by artists such as Current 93 and Nick Cave, they released a D.I.Y. cd a year later.

Their line up: P.– Vocals, guitars, music, lyrics, Manos.K – Vocals, guitars, music, lyrics, Evgenia – Piano, percussions, Melodica, Jason – Bass, percussions, Panos – Theremin, Nick – Violin, Viola and Mr.XIII – Drums.

The band participated in a number of compilations, such as: “Neo folk.It” , “Neo form III”, “The beast” and  opened so far for Allerseelen, Svarrogh, Paul Roland, While Angels Watch, Sieben, and Spiritual Front  and released a 6 track E.P through the Athenian record label Dead Scarlet, titled “Five Infected Blessings“.

You can trace them on MySpace here.

The Athenians Glimmer Void were formed in Athens, in September 2004 by keyboard/guitar player Stelios Mastrodiamadoglou, singer Thalia Makri and drummer/percussionist George Kokkoras in order to write dark/atmospheric music.

Soon, guitarist Vaggelis Babadelis, bass player George Skoufas and cellist Diana Rahmanina joined the band (Babadelis was later replaced by Dimitris Zannis).

Glimmer Void released their 5 track debut titled “Souls Parade”, in 2009, through Dead Scarlet Records.

They participated in the compilation “Gothic Visions” and were also featured in the sampler of the magazine “Dark Spy”.

You can find them on MySpace here.



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