The Profiles – Brains Escaping

05 Jan

A long time ago I wrote here about George Vanakos.

To be honest, I was never a great fan of his music BUT…

This wonderful channel here, that often links back to tribe4mian  (thank you very much by the way, mates…) posted this video.

Ok, not exactly a video but at least you’ll get an idea of how The Profiles sounded.

Their song “We are Pirates” was featured in their album, titled “Brains Escaping” which was released in 1982.

I believe what makes the song most interesting to me is  the atmosphere and the tribal drums which bring back memories of Dead Or Alive – I am talking about their first two singles and not about their hit “You Spin me Round”- .

Apart from George Vanakos, one can find Nikos Ginis (from the band Syndromo) playing the bass and Antonis Loxas on the drums.

Antonis Loxas fairly recently released a song with the following hilarious chorus: “Lets go for an HIV test / I want sex without a condom…”

For the Greek readers of this blog, I’ve posted the song here.  The foreigners can skip it and read the rest of the post further down below

Now, the mistakes on the back of the album are mindblowing.

This is the track-listing:

Side A

1. Heroe of Tomorrow (missing the “s” in “Heroes”)

2. We are Pirates

3. Don’t you Feel the Atmosphere

4. Devil Insane

 Side B

1. Electric Dreams

2. Destroy Acropolis

3. Brains Escaping

4. If you want go to.. (Missing the “to” … in “…to go to”)

5. Διαφυγη Eγκεφάλων

Another member of Syndromo appears as a guest,, Vasilis Korovesis on guitars (or cuitars as it is misspelled on the back cover) while Giorgos Karagiannidis (probably the bass player of the band Mousikes Taxiarhies) plays the keyboards…

The opening track brings back the pseudo new wave album “No” of the Greek prog band Apocalypsis and in the same spirit follows the third song, “Don’t you feel the Atmosphere”.

The side closes with “Devil Insane”…

Electric Dreams”  sounds like a band on vacation rehearsing a summer pop song sometime in the early 80’s, but the song that follows, titled “Destroy Acropolis” finds the band in a destructive mood, clinging wine glasses or something…

Brains Escaping” has a disco beat, a loop bass line and some keyboards thrown in here and there.

Unfortunately, that’s all..

“If you want go to..” is a reprise of the single “If you Want to go to Amsterdam”.

The closing track, “Διαφυγη Eγκεφάλων” (which mean Brains Escaping) could be a Syndromo track…

Actually the Syndromo influence is very obvious to this album.

I guess we should receive this release as a jamming session of a group of friends that accidentally found a way to be printed on vinyl…

I guess…the only track that can be saved is the”We are Pirates” song…

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  1. pilali

    January 13, 2010 at 7:11 am

    its a best….


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