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The world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

A very interesting video about the “Amen Break” and a lot more.

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Background Noise Suppression

Background Noise Suppression is a four piece post punk act (I think now they are five…) formed at Thessaloniki during 2005.

I was lucky enough to see them playing live on stage and I was impressed by their show, and their music.

With a line up consisted by singer Kostas Karatzios, guitar player Elias Panagos, drummer George Xenos and bassist Kostas Kapetanakis they supported the English band New Model Army when they played at the city of  Thessaloniki in 2006.

By the same year, Background Noise Suppression  released their first single titled ‘Made Out Of Ocean’ and Johnny Papaioannou replaced Kostas Kapetanakis on the bass.

A year later, in 2007,  a different version of ‘Made Out Of Ocean’ was featured in the double CD compilation ‘Little People.. Big Noise’, released through the Greek indie label RunDevilRun.

While the band was recording their first album, RunDevilRun  announced that the label would be put on hold for as long as it takes.

With their album fully recorded, Background Noise Suppression, are looking today for a record deal.

We wish them the best of luck.

This is their myspace profile for more.

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Alive She Died plus…

Some people have a long lasting presence on the scene.

As years go by, they might change their musical tastes but they keep holding inside them the pure music of their youth.

The blogspot Tape Recorder had a post, a long time ago, about a tape coming from 1985.

The tape was titled ”Viva Voce” and the band that released it was named Alive She Died.

The line up of this Athenian quartet was: Daphne Gerogianni – Vocals (I think she was a flight stewart back then…), George Ginis – keyboards, Xenophon Xenios – keyboards and a girl named Tina on the bass.

Although the band was rarely playing live, with the support of some Greek music journalists they found a place in the history of Greek new wave underground, even if their only release was this cassette.


  1. White In August
  2. Secret Life Of Paradise
  3. The First Night
  4. Youth
  5. She’s Lost Control (Joy Division cover)

What is interesting to know is what happened to these musicians after they split (or simply changed the name of the band as some state…) in 1987.

Gerogianni and Xenios, along with keyboard player George Bousounis and drummer George Koliopoulos formed the new wave band, Tresspass, and became the second Greek band to appear on MTV.

As you realise, it was a great success for a Greek band to appear on MTV as it is very difficult to appear even on the Greek television (musicians need to be armed with bouzouki to have some chances for doing so…)

The band was the opening act for Nick Cave as well as for the Fall.

George Ginis joined the band Ding An Sich in 1992 and since he was friends with Bousounis, they started working together as record producers.

The two of them succeeded to earn golden albums as producers for Greek artists and (I guess) after Tresspass split, Ginis and Bousounis formed the pop band Ammos in 1992.

Ammos are signed today to a major Greek record label and are frequently releasing albums (they released four albums and one EP).

On the other hand, Gerogianni and Iraklis Anastasiadis formed the electro band Atria in 2001 and released two singles and one album (I think all of them were produced by the duo Ginis-Bousounis).

They were the opening act in Greece for the: Stereo Mcs, Pet Shop Boys, Marc Almond, Anne Clark, Hooverphonic and The Scissor Sisters.

So, Alive She Died was just the beginning…


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Running out of rain

I think this is a wonderful song by Christos Alexopoulos.

It is titled “Teliose i vrohi” (engl. Running out of rain)

These are the lyrics: 

The sun is burning but its not warm.

This is how things work here, since we run out of rain…

We run out of rain…


Your laughter,

Sometimes here,

Sometimes there,



My breath…

Sometimes here,

Sometimes there,

And then…


Your look is everywhere.

Sometimes somewhere else…

So what…?


My touch is vividly breathing like a smile on your look…

And then…

So what…?



So what ?


This is how things work here…

This is how things work here since we run out of rain…


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“Black” times six

This Gentle Flow is a 5 piece act from Sydney, Australia that just released a dark ambient mini album titled “Black”.

Even if I feel uncomfortable trying to pigeonhole their sound, please allow me to use the term “dark ambient” (you will notice that I am right).

What Neven Zderic, Andy Spandek, Peter Tabbacci, Jamie Lumb (former drummer of the band Piano Is Drunk) and Valerios Calocerinos succeed here, is a release of no particular genre with each piece being treated as its own entity.

6 tracks, all titled “Black” creating a soundscape of isolation.

Cold feelings melting with haunting fears reaching out for your most hidden secrets.

This mini album stands with one foot on Steven Stapleton’s wildest dreams and with the other on some acid trip of Pink Floyd’sUmmagumma”.

Valerios Calocerinos (former member of the bands Ikon and Lemon Avenue), the Greek-Australian member of this band was kind enough of giving us an interview here.

The band released in the past the CD “No Art”.

You can buy the album “Black” (as well as all their releases) on iTUNES and you can get in touch or learn more about This Gentle Flow by visiting their myspace profile.

We were lucky enough to see Valerios performing live at Texas Club during summer 2009.

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New Zero God international album release

We apologize for our long absence … we’ve been away for a while with some personal problems…

Finally, the long-awaited CD release of New Zero God’s album, “Fun is a Four Letter Word”, which was digitally released during November 2009, is finding its way through Puzzlemusik Records as a CD.

We are posting two new videos created by the Brazilian fans of the band, who also created the New Zero God Brazilian Blog we showcase on our own blog:

Fun is a Four Letter Word” will be available during February at local record stores in Australia, Italy and Spain .

It will also be available through Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Germany and Amazon France, as well as CD Baby in USA and probably even more in a while.

The album will hit the Greek stores on February 17 so, although it might sound strange, we now have a Greek underground release coming through a Greek indie label that will be available over the Greek border earlier than Greece.

For those of you that would like to have another taste of this album, here is one more video made by their Brazilian fans.

The band will perform live on February 28 at Rodeo Club – Athens supported by their label mates Socos & the Live Project Band.

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