“Black” times six

03 Feb

This Gentle Flow is a 5 piece act from Sydney, Australia that just released a dark ambient mini album titled “Black”.

Even if I feel uncomfortable trying to pigeonhole their sound, please allow me to use the term “dark ambient” (you will notice that I am right).

What Neven Zderic, Andy Spandek, Peter Tabbacci, Jamie Lumb (former drummer of the band Piano Is Drunk) and Valerios Calocerinos succeed here, is a release of no particular genre with each piece being treated as its own entity.

6 tracks, all titled “Black” creating a soundscape of isolation.

Cold feelings melting with haunting fears reaching out for your most hidden secrets.

This mini album stands with one foot on Steven Stapleton’s wildest dreams and with the other on some acid trip of Pink Floyd’sUmmagumma”.

Valerios Calocerinos (former member of the bands Ikon and Lemon Avenue), the Greek-Australian member of this band was kind enough of giving us an interview here.

The band released in the past the CD “No Art”.

You can buy the album “Black” (as well as all their releases) on iTUNES and you can get in touch or learn more about This Gentle Flow by visiting their myspace profile.

We were lucky enough to see Valerios performing live at Texas Club during summer 2009.

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