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The dude with the movie camera

As this blog owes a lot to all those people out there who spend time, money and sweat to put on film their favorite bands, I decided to post a little something about one of them.

22RAT is a young film director who made his first short movie a couple of years ago.

The movie is called “Time Expires” and you can watch it here:

Apart from this short movie, 22RAT posts on his Youtube channel a lot of live footage from the gigs he attends (always with the permission of the bands).

As you will find out, he is not filming only, giving this way a clear picture of what is going on during an Athenian gig.

Thanks to people like 22RAT there is footage from rehearsal studios, of bands that a few years back, it was difficult even to find a photo.

I guess documenting the Greek scene or the atmosphere of some gig in Athens is something priceless, cause we didn’t have this chance in the past.

All this, thanks to people like 22RAT and the internet.

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How to be a Child & Win the War

Electric Litany is a band formed in England in 2007 by singer/guitar player and pianist Alexandros Miaris, bass palyer Duane Petrovich, from Texas and drummer Richard Simic from Devonshire, England.

Miaris was a former member of the band Dead Eyes of Youth who released one album and split right before recording a second one.

Electric Litany released their debut album early this year through Inner Ear Records.

The album is titled “How to be a Child & Win the War“.

I am sure you will love them.

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Story of Stuff

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