Ypsilon and Axis

26 May

Since my yesterday post had to do with a Greek band which is releasing music through a French record label, why not jumping back 35-40 years to check an other Greek band that worked in France ?


I know everybody thought I was going to talk about Aphrodite’s Child.

Close, but…not completely true…

Ypsilon, as you may know, stands for the Greek letter “Y”.

Why they picked that name…? I have no idea but if you like prog rock and never heared of them before, just listen to this song:

Ypsilon were a Greek trio, formed in 1977 by Loucas Sideras (former drummer of Aphrodite’s Child…yes, you were that close..), piano and keyboard player Lakis Vlavianos (appeared on Demis Roussos’s albums before and after forming Ypsilon).

They released the album “Metro Music Man” in 1977 in a sophisticated pop/rock music style, at the edge of prog rock.

By the same year, Phillips released the single “Morning Sunrise / Metro Music Man”.

They managed to develop a style more of their own on the more synth-dominated tracks, such as the one that follows.

Like I said, Ypsilon was a trio and I haven’t mentioned anything about the third member of the band, bass player Dimitris Katakouzinos.

Katakouzinos was a former member of the band Axis.

A band consisted by Greek musicians in Paris, that was formed in 1971 to start their short lived career with a European hit.

They released the traditional Greek song “Ela Ela” on a 7” single and found their way to the European charts enabling them to release three albums and three singles.

Their sound varied from hard rock to traditional free-form jazz and Canterbury prog-rock.

In 1973, the leading members of the band, Alekos Karakandas (lead guitar, vocals) and Dimitris Katakouzinos (accoustic guitar, bass, vocals) left the band.

Alexandros Fantis took over the bass and Christos Stassinopoulos joined on the percussions.

The two remaining members of the old line up were: Demis Visvikis (vocals, organ), George Chatziathanassiou (drums, percussion, vocals),

Axis were former members of late 60’s Greek pop/rock bands such as The Juniors and We Five.

They split in late 1973, with Christos Stassinopoulos joining Clearlight..

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