Wipe Out presents 12 raw Greek Groups

19 Jul

Without a doubt one of the most important compilations of the underground Greek rock music scene, “Wipe Out presents 12 raw Greek Groups” turned nowdays to be a hard to find album.

With the Greek scene blossoming, during the late 80’s,  this album was released in 1988 as an LP plus a 7” single.

Some artists offered here their first and last released tracks while others kept on going.

The track that stands out, is Villa 21’sHey hey, my my”.

It’s not just a simple cover of Neil Young’s classic song.

The band had the brilliant idea to drop in a part of Pink Floyd’sSet the controls for the Heart of the Sun”.

The two parts merged perfectly.

The opening track “Down To The River Side” comes from the Thessalonikian band New Rose.

New Rose were formed in 1984 and a little before the Wipe Out compilation, they participated also in the Lazy Dog’s cassette: “Give bees a change”.

Scoria, the band who’s track “Man of the Crowd” follows, where also formed in Athens in 1984.

Scoria were a post punk band that released three albums and owned the live club “Skiahtro” (engl. Scarecrow).

Their drummer, Albertos Levis was the original drummer of Parthenogenesis and he formed later the band “Eilotes” (Villa 21’s Costas Pothoulakis was also a member of Parthenogenesis).

A useful hint about Levis: He probably has recorded on cassettes all the Greek underground bands of the 80s, as he was recording every gig he attended using a walkman.

Third song of the album, “Obsessions” by the group Brush.

You can read more about this band, here.

Groupies were formed in 1983 in Athens by singer Elias Mitsakis, quitarist Fanis Fotopoulos, bass player Lakis Daveros and drummer Aris Lambridis.

The band (according to the sleeve notes of the album) played also at Rottefabrik – Zurich and opened for Peter and the Test Tube Babies at Crash Club – Bavaria.

Lisa Says” was recorded in 1987.

Panx Romana followed with a cover on Clash’s “Death or Glory”.

Read more about Panx Romana here.

Melting Ashes was an Athenian garage band formed in 1986 by bass player Leonidas-Batman, singer/guitar player Giorgos-El Sayal, drummer Makis-Igor and guitar player Vasilis-Billy the Fuzz.

Their song is titled “Midnight Bar” and the band managed to release only one full length album. (I think it came out after they split…)

Hip T. Wah was a band from North-East Greece.

They were formed at the city of Alexandroupolis in 1987 by guitarist Elias Hatzis, singer/bass player Giorgos Hatzisotiriou, guitar player Doukas Siskopoulos and drummer Nikos Katsoulis.

Their song, “Fear” was recorded in 1987.

Tripmakers were also formed in 1987, but in Athens. This garage band was formed by singer/guitar player Giannis “Vox” Papanagiotou and singer/guitar player Jimmy Papanagiotou. A little later Spyros “Rick” Vasilakis joined on the bass and Nasos Kokalis on the drums.

This little woman” was recorded in 1987.

One can spot Stylianos Tziritas in the formation of Feedbacking The Grass , singing and playing the guitar. Vaggelis Koutsiouris is also on the guitar and vocals, Giorgos Kostopoulos is playing the bass and Nikos Maganiotis is behind the drums.

The band was formed during the December of 1986 and their song “Evil Touches” was recorded during Fall 1987.

More about Stylianos Tziritas here.

Deam Runners were formed in 1986 by singer Christos Kanlis, guitar player Panagiotis Loukoumas, bass player Daniel Petrou and drummer Dimitris Komninos. They were influenced by the 60’s pop-surf bands and the N.Y. rock’n’roll scene of the early 70s.

In 1987 Giorgos Kakoutopoulos replaced Dimitris Komninos and during November of the same year they recorded “Angie Says”.

The Flowers of Romance appear here for the first time on vinyl with the track “Autumn Kids”.

Their song was recorded in 1986.

Read more about the band here.

The booklet of the compilation holds information about the bands, a note against the army, drugs, alcohol and fascism written by Panx Romana.


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2 responses to “Wipe Out presents 12 raw Greek Groups

  1. sinnaa

    July 27, 2010 at 6:08 am

    This is truly one of the very best posts I’ve read. Thank you, Panole8riambos, for an AMAZING compilation and tribute to all those who should never fall into oblivion! 🙂

  2. tasos

    July 28, 2010 at 11:58 am

    …what can i say? just brilliant…


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