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Synth Britania (BBC Documentary)

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An amazing BBC 4 documentary.

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Cassette tapes are back in the mix

About a month ago, I posted a short history of the cassette scene as it is described  on Don Campau’s site.

Recently I spotted this very interesting article on Los Angeles Times titled “Cassette tapes are back in the mix“.

If you care doing some reading, just follow the links.

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Grave Jibes Fanzine

In their own words: “Grave Jibes Fanzine was founded by Pall ‘Nattsol’ Zarutskiy on Oct, 2008. The original idea of the fanzine is publishing some information about post-punk, cold wave, death rock etc styles and bands which play this music.”

A Metro Decay interview can be found on Grave Jibes Fanzine here .

You can find all their issues here.



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