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Tilbury on Cloves

Tilbury on Cloves were formed in Athens in 1994 as a five piece act.

Their first single “And the sea will touch the clouds” was featured in a compilation of Live Studio Records released in 1996.

Several line up changes and the tragic death fo their bass player in December 1999, brought the number of members down to two, Chris on vocals, bass and programming and Vlassis on guitars, electronics and drum machine.

In 2001 they released the 7″ single “Evertry” with Ma Cherie for Painting (Kontakt Series- Pop Art records) and contributed to various Greek fanzines’s compilations such as ”Aggravation” for Sense ,“Rolling” for Overdub and “Isn’t so far” for Flux.

In 2003, Tilbury on Cloves participated on Playhouse Gotique and supported the legendary Chameleons.

By the same year, their track “Not Understood”. Was featured on the first Synthpop Avenue compilation.

Their first self-titled album (which was consisted by recordings they did a couple of years earlier) and the single “Innocence” were released through the Danish label BSBTA.

Their second full length album, “The Blindshow” was released through Dead Scarlet Records and since 2008, the band became trio when the drummer “John” joined them.

Tilbury on Cloves will be the open for Killing Joke on Friday the 8th of October at Gagarin Club – Athens.

You can find them on MySpace here

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