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Pete and Royce

Pete and Royce was an Athenian prog-rock band which was formed in 1978 and released two full length albums: “Suffering Of Tomorrow” in 1980 and “Days of Destruction” in 1981.

Mutant Sounds quotes as follows:  “Led by painter Pete Tsiros, they have made a name in the underground network, based on lengthy “hazy” concerts and an uncompromising underground attitude. Their sound was deeply rooted in the UK progressive scene, sitting somewhere between the prog/psych sound of mid-period PINK FLOYD and the mellotron school (FANTASY, CRESSIDA, KESTREL, early B.J.H.), resulting in a style heavily relying on mellow soundscapes.

During spring 1980 they captured on self-released vinyl the best tracks of their live shows. “Suffering of Tomorrow”, was one of the very first greek private releases (on the mysterious Octoichos label) and the band’s debut album, loosely based on the concept of death and decay (it is dedicated to Tsiros’ deceased brother). A period piece undoubtfuly, but with that exquisite basement feel encountered in the early 70ies british proto-progressive bands it is one of the essential Greek progressive albums of all times. Their second offering “Days of Destruction” (1981 _Ocean) was somewhat more unevenly balanced, as folky progressive influences were blended together with a more mainstream and somewhat uninspired approach; funky orientated mainstream sounds and afroamerican female vocals. They disbanded in 1982, during the era of the punk boom, due to general indifference towards their recorded output and their members were lost from the music scene.

The Line up of Pete and Royce: Basilis Ginos, Panagiotis Tsiros, Fondas Hatzis, Elias Porfyris and Lavrentis Tsinaroglou.

You can click here if you want to see Basilis Ginos ‘s full discography.

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