Borassick Steve

03 Nov

Through time there has always been musicians on the edge of the music business as such ploughing their own groove!  Borassick Steve is one of these unsung heroes .

Q how long and in what forms have you been involved in music ?

I’ve been involved in music now for decades in one way or another.  I was hooked, like many others I suppose, by The Beatles who prompted me to buy my first guitar.  It was a cheap mail order jobbie with a plastic strap and a pick up and it sure took some hammer.

I wrote my first song on my mother’s knee, my second on her thigh and upwards as I grew until, finally, after writing my last song on her forehead, she bought me an exercise book.

In the seventies, I met my long time song writing buddy, Dave.  He was an art student and, during the summer holidays, we both worked at the local K Y factory and I guess we just sort of gelled.  We started writing together and performing at local folk clubs.  Under the name Crappo, we offered such moving ballads as ‘Irma the Squirmer’, ‘Flasher Pete’ and ‘Dennis the Barbarian’ to our ever growing band of followers.  Many local musicians joined us on stage at different periods and some have never gotten over it…

Dave and I still write together and our latest project is under the name of Basecode and Tuffandrumble.  Songs can be found here.

I myself have, over the years, managed a record shop, ‘Less Then Zero’.  I still work part-time for the Performing Rights Society as a researcher and currently write and perform as Borassick Steve.

Q Where did the name Borassick Steve come from?

Borassick Steve was born when I was sacked from my job because I wouldn’t work for nothing.  Find me here.

Q who or what are your influences – how do you go about writing a song ?

My influences and inspirations are so many, from the Fab Four to Dylan to Costello to Jake Thackeray.  Some of my songs start life as a phrase or an idea and then just grow quickly like weeds.  Some start as little riffs or tunes that I throw words at until they stick.  When you’re writing a song, whatever you do, don’t let music get in the way.

Q what are your recording techniques ?

Being borassic, I record my songs on four-track tape or straight to video and then transfer them to computer – crude but effective, and certainly cheap.

Q last one – could you name your top three favourite gigs you have been to and your top three favourite records of all time .

Gigs I will always remember are:

Frank Sidebottom at Grimsby Comedy Club.  He was a one off – genius.  The Stones in the Park in ’69 and Pink Floyd at Knebworth 1975.  Both great events that I won’t forget, as long as I remember them…

Three records that everyone should have are ‘Four Letters’ by The Donkeys, ‘Should the Bible be Banned’ by McCarthy and ‘It’s Not My Fault’ by Buddy Holly.

Download them NOW.


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