Hammer, Horror, Glamour!

21 Nov

Venturing forth across the bleak Yorkshire moors, the light  fades and thick fog descends on the costal town of Whitby. By day a picturesque Victorian town, at night with dense fog all around, people are walking the streets in Victorian attire in celebration of the Whitby Goth weekend. Eerie…


It is hardly surprising then that Bram Stoker gave birth to the most celebrated prince of darkness here… Dracula. The most famous protagonist being that of Christopher Lee, an actor who made the character come to life in the cult Hammer Horror movies and who can make anyone’s hair stand up on the back of their necks.


Every Goth’s dream, every goths nightmare, and what’s more it’s Halloween.


And so the scene is set…..


It’s been two years since Devilish Presley  last played the Resolution Hotel for the launch of their acclaimed album ” Flesh Ride ” and so we return.

Times are hard these days for everyone, not least bands with musicians trying to scratch a living, trying to survive and get their own particular brand of music out there. None are more hard working than Devilish Presley. Over the past few years they have gigged relentlessly clocking up the miles throughout the UK and venturing into Europe as well. As others have found nothing comes easy, it’s hard work and commitment that are carrying them through. Even after critically acclaimed album reviews the going is tough! All this being independent and self financed as well. Taking time out and  also record a new album, the gigs have of late have been few and far between. There are other changes too. This is a new version of Devilish Presley. Gone is the real drummer and back is the bigger, badder and better drum machine. Fronted by Jacqui Vixen & Johnny Navarro for the past few years, Jacqui gave Devilish Presley one of the dirtiest bass sounds around. However after years of playing and sustaining an injury she has now had to give up the bass. ( such a  great shame too, she was up there with our favourite bass players ) Jacqui and Johnny are as ever open, friendly and approachable and are quick to introduce us to the next line up change. Polski Pete.The new bass player. Dzien dobry. Pete Vincent has made an immediate impact within the band, traveling to the gig he was nearly arrested for relieving himself up against a wall that turned out to be none other than a wall of a police station!! ( We like Polski Pete )




It’s show time…


The set starts at a rip roaring pace with ” Trucks ” followed by ” Black Glitter ” and then a new song ” Happy As Saturday ” ( nice for those who don’t have to work it!  ) This is the first outing of material from the NEW album ” The Dark Triad ” which is set for release in 2011. Johnny as ever is full of energy, a real driving force for the band. Pete adds a deep bass sound releasing Jacqui in her new role as lead singer. She is gaining in confidence with each passing gig using her vocal shriek to great effect. A real Halloween Queen. Pete adds to the visual dynamic of the band and goes head to head with Johnny in banter. Before the set Dave dons his hard hat after being told by Johnny where to stand. ” This is a hard hat area! ” Dave has been whacked by Johnny on the head at several gigs with his guitar, Johnny has a new guitar. It has to be christened and he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss!! Other older favourites such as ” Billy Rattlestick ” ( which saw Johnny in the audience, guitar in hand, a bit of back line climbing and running around like a headless chicken ) and  ” Black Leather Jesus ” followed by more new tracks including ” Down Where You Belong ” ( Down at the front of the stage of course ) Plus the new single ” Cocaine Joe ” which is exclusively covered mounted on a compilation cd on the magazine Devolution which is available now!!


It’s a fine performance from the new line up which goes down well with the crowd at a packed Resolution Hotel but it is over all too soon. Visual and energetic, Devilish Presley more than make the grade. Back is a big bad ass bass sound adding to the high octane guitar and spine tingling vocals. An evolution in the bands line up that will hopefully bring Jacqui, Johnny and Pete success ( which they thoroughly deserve ) in their next endeavour ” The Dark Triad “. With an already fine back catalogue of music including the albums, ” Flesh Ride “, ” Disgraceland “, ” Memphisto ” and ” Rust Garden ” ( which is SOLD OUT ) Visually and musically tighter than the previous line up we look forward to the next album release with bated breath. Counter culture music like this gives corporate control a damn good kick in the bollocks and we’re all for that. Bands like Devilish Presley have the freedom to express themselves in a way that the music execs will never understand. Instead, music execs feed us the bland and the mundane that infects the charts the world over purely in the name of profit. Bands like Devilish Presley give the UK and the rest of the world music scene such a rich, diverse seam of talent which is ultimately what music is all about. Freedom of expression. We’re glad to say Devilish Presley have that in abundance!!


We bid our farewells to the band and not forgetting Brian the hard working roadie ( who has ambitions to be a film star some day ) We head off, back onto the moors and into the thick fog armed with garlic and wooden stakes to fend off any vampires who cross our path but all we see is the ghost of a Christmas tree! Eerie, err no! Weird…


Jez n Dave.

The Pogo Crew.


Devilish Presley are:

Jacqui Vixen /  Vocals

Johnny Navarro / Lead Guitar / Vocals

Pete Vincent / Bass


Catch a ride with these Hitch Hikers From Hell…




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