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Under The Radar!!

As we draw towards the end of another year the live music scene has gone some what stale of late. People concentrate on Christmas and the New Year celebrations. ( Bah Humbug ) Buying presents is the order of the day. The recent bad weather here in the UK has also had a negative effect on the scene too, gigs being cancelled as venues struggle to sell tickets ( which is a struggle these days anyway ) and bands struggle even more to travel.

For the Pogo Crew ( Jez n Dave ) the new year cannot come soon enough with the prospect of yet more gigs to attend in our pursuit of great live music, in particular that of the punk rock genre! Punk’s dead I hear people cry. NO!! Punk’s NOT dead, far from it in fact. It’s more underground than it used to be as it doesn’t receive the media attention that it used to do. Just take a look at the Rebellion Festival which takes place in Blackpool UK. Each year it just gets bigger and better than the last, going from strength to strength. Old and new bands alike take to the stages in a festival dedicated to celebrating all things punk. Punk is a real music for real people. It’s a street music dealing with real issues in the lives of everyday  people. It hits you between the eyes in no uncertain manner. Like it or loathe it you can’t ignore it. So, you are seriously telling us punk’s dead? Sorry but we beg to differ. It is still as relevant as it always was and more so in a lot of cases.

The past few years has seen some of the older more established bands release some excellent new albums with yet more to come. Bands such as Killing Joke, GBH and a  band which this blog is about, The Vibrators.

Originally formed in 1976 and with a career spanning 34 years the band have an enduring strength and have supported punk rock royalty such as the likes of Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols while possibly being over looked in their own right. November 2009 saw the release of their latest album “Under The Radar”. A totally new album of original music which without doubt has the stamp of the current line up all over it!!

Pete & Knox

The weather had eased and the roads were clear. Hey Ho, Lets Go!!

The last gig of 2010 for us… The Vibrators @ The Well, Leeds.

We had seen The Vibrators at the same venue earlier in the year, it was a fairly well attended gig but this time it was not the case. A meagre crowd of around 25 or so and that was all. Such a shame!! We had been put on the gust list by Pete ( the bass player ) which we take as a great compliment. ( even if we get in on a guest list we buy some merchandise. Bands need money to survive! ) The support band The Drastics played a pretty decent set which set the scene nicely.

The Vibrators may only be a 3 piece band but they create music to blow your ears off. A very underrated band in our opinion. This 3 piece could teach younger up and coming musicians more than a thing or two about being a band and how to perform.

Fronted by original singer and lead guitarist Knox with founder member of the band Eddie on drums with Pete providing bass for a classic 3 chord punk band. What more could you want??…


The Vibrators set consists of  mixture of original music and some classic covers.  A crisp clean sound with plenty of volume played at a fast punk pace. They open with Petrol and then launch straight into Pure Mania. This band are as tight as they come, you need to check them out live!! Whips And Furs with the classic Troop Of Tomorrow follow to slow the pace. Knox is an excellent guitarist punctuating the night with some class sharp guitar riffs. Free Spirit then London Girls sees Eddie playing his heart out as he always does. His crisp drumming sound and rhythm are constant like a machine gun. The title track of the last album Under The Radar leads them into more recent originals with the older 24 Hour People paving the way into possibly The Vibrators most classic hit Baby Baby. Proving even punk bands can write classic love songs.


The only non original member of the band is Pete who joined in 2003. Pete brings energy and drive in abundance to the band. He wields his Gibbson Thunderbird bass around the stage like the mighty Thor’s hammer. So much so that at one point his mic and stand land on top of me while I photograph the band… Ouch!! Without a doubt he is one of the finest bass players around and we could watch and listen to him all night.


The set finishes with Judy Is A Punk, Disco In Moscow ( a great favourite of ours ) and another classic Vibrators track Automatic Lover… As always all too soon another gig is over…

34 years since the band were first formed The Vibrators are still rocking hard and long may they do so. If you get the chance to see them live, TAKE IT!! You won’t be disappointed. Knox is now in his mid 60’s but has a sharp sense of humour with a set of guitar skills to match anybody. Eddie is a class drummer who others could do well to emulate. As for Pete what else can you say but full on Rock n Roll…

The Vibrators

This was the last gig as I have said for us this year and we have seen some excellent bands in 2010, some old and some new. But without a shadow of doubt we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the gigs we have been too. So all that is left is to wish you all a very Happy New Year. See you again soon… Jez n Dave



The Vibrators are:

Knox : Guitar & Lead Vocals

Eddie : Drums & Backing Vocals

Pete : Bass & Backing Vocals


Captain Beefheart is no longer with us…

 Captain Beefheart is no longer with us…

Don Van Vliet (pronounced /væn ˈvliːt/; born Don Glen Vliet, January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010) was an American musician and visual artist best known by the stage name Captain Beefheart. His musical work was conducted with a rotating ensemble of musicians called The Magic Band, active between 1965 and 1982, with whom he recorded 12 studio albums. Noted for his powerful singing voice with its wide range Van Vliet also played the harmonica, saxophone and numerous other wind instruments. His music blended rock, blues and psychedelia with free jazz, avant-garde and contemporary experimental composition An iconoclastic mix of complex instrumentation, atonal melodies, and often humorously surreal lyrics, it was crafted through dictatorial control over his musicians and creative vision.

Please check wikipedia for more details.

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